Saturday 15 October 2011

Personalised Kid's Products by Tolalu

I was recently given some vouchers from Tolalu, an interactive online shop that sells personalised gifts for children, to purchase some great stuff for baby girl.

When you first arrive at the website, you will be greeted by a simple text box that asks you to type in your child's name.

Tolalu welcome greeting text box

By doing so, Tolalu is able to personalise all the products so that you can instantly get a view of how each one will look like with your child’s name printed on it. I thought that was pretty cool!

You even have the option of editing the name and sending a picture of how the gift will look like to others!

Some of their products include personalized learning materials like colouring books (with your child’s name on every page), personalised growth charts, calendars, notebooks, greeting cards, puzzles, bookmarks and stickers! There are also different themes available, such as animals, fairies, dragons, monsters and robots, which will greatly appeal to children of all ages.

After scouring the more than 350 products of different themes and designs, I finally made my choice and placed my order.

Invoice of my purchase

After placing my order, I waited for only 3 days for the gifts to be delivered straight to my home. There is a delivery fee of $7.00, but this is waived when customers spend $60.00 or more on the website.

Ding dong! My package is here!

Ah the excitement of a new package at your door =)

I decided to get this bright and cherry placemat as well as these cute, bright and pinky (I'm such a sucker for pink *laughs*) stickers for baby girl!

Personalised placemats and stickers

I had expected the stickers to be small but boy, these were larger than average!

They're so cute aren't they?

With Christmas just around the corner, hop on over to Tolalu and consider getting some of their personalised gifts for your own kids, other people's kids and even yourself (secretly of course)! :))

Disclosure: Complimentary products were received from Tolalu for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.
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