Thursday 13 October 2011

Your Baby Can Read DVD

Before I started reading books to my baby girl, I started introducing words to her by making her watch Your Baby Can Read DVD series, which comes highly recommended by the sister's bf and his sister. Apparently his neices have been watching it since they were very young and it has helped them tremendously with learning words and reading.

And since I'm also aware that research in child language development has also shown that the optimal window of language acquisition is between 0-6 years old, it didn't take much for me to be convinced of the benefits of these educational DVDs.

Hence, ever since she was 2.5 months old, she has been watching it every single day! Hardcore I know.. *laughs*

When she started watching, she couldn't even sit on her own yet and needed to sit in her Bumbo seat.
Watching 'Your Baby Can Read' DVD at 5 months old
But as she grew bigger and bigger, she soon outgrew her bumbo and had to watch while leaning on tons of pillows.
Watching 'Your Baby Can Read' DVD at 8 months old
Nowadays, however, she doesn't watch it as often as she did before. I suppose it is because she got bored watching the same thing everyday.

But when she does watch it, she is now able to repeat and understand some of the words.

DVD: "Head. Can you say head?"
Baby girl: "Head!"
DVD: "Now, hold your head"
Baby girl holds her head.

She does this only for the words that she like and when she feels like it. I have no idea if watching it had any effect on her learning but I'm sure it had some way or other contributed to building her vocabulary.

I suppose I have to watch her progress and will definitely keep you updated on whether these are actually useful.. or not! Stay tuned! =)
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