Tuesday 11 October 2011

Master Crab at Ghim Moh

To the hubby and I, Master Crab is the place to go for the cheapest and freshest crab in Singapore!

Master Crab Signage

We were first introduced to this place by the hubby's cousin Mich when I was still pregnant with baby girl and we've been one of their loyal customers since.

The crab-eating process at Master Crab is pretty different from other restaurants as there are other steps involved on top of just the regular 'order and consume'.

Step #1: Choose Your Crab!
The nice thing about Crab Master is that they put their hot-item on display so that not only do you see for yourself exactly how fresh the crabs are, you'll also know exactly how much they cost!

Hubby and Mum-in-law choosing the right crab!

The crabs are divided according to size and price (each crab ranging between $30-$50). The hubby likes to pick one that is actively moving about and also big enough to feed all of us, so we ended up choosing two relatively larger crabs.

Step #2: Choose Method of Cooking

The different methods of cooking crabs are displayed prominently on the signages above the seating area

When placing your order, let the staff know exactly how you want your crabs to be cooked and what other dish/es you would like.

Step #3: Wait for Your Food

Excited baby girl!

And then all you have to do is wait for your food to be served! As Master Crab doesn't serve drinks, you may want to take this time to go get some from the drinks stall located just next to it.

The wait isn't too long if you're early, which we were. And thankfully too, because we were hungry!

Hot Plate Tofu

The hubby and mum-in-law love this dish almost as much as the crabs! The prawns are large, fresh and tasty and therefore very value for money. We also ordered sweet pork ribs, but it wasn't as tasty so it's unlikely that we'll order it again.

Then came the stars of our meal!

Salted Egg Crab

The hubby asked for one crab to be cooked with salted eggs while the other was cooked with bee hoon soup. The salted egg sauce was more watery than what we're used to but just as tasty. I really like the combination of sweet crab meat with the salty sauce.

Crab with Bee Hoon Soup

Nevertheless, almost everyone, including baby girl, preferred crab with bee hoon soup! The simplicity of the ingredients used preserved the original taste of the crab such that you're able to fully enjoy the sweetness and freshness of the meat. The soup is thick enough and not too oily so it was just right for our taste. Although my mum-in-law and Mich prefer the soup served at the famous Ang Mo Kio restaurant, it is also two times more oily and expensive so in terms of value, this one wins hands down.

Most importantly, our little food connoisseur took one bite of the crab and finished an entire bowl of bee hoon soup and crab!

Having a feast of her favourite crab

Our Master Food Taster has spoken! =)

The entire meal costs about $109 excluding drinks, which was really value for money! There was so much food that we even managed to pack some home for my father-in-law. All of us were so full!

Master Crab is located at Blk 19 Ghim Moh Road #01-229 Singapore 270019
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