Wednesday 21 December 2011

DIT Gingerbread House by Gingerbells

Recently Gingerbells contacted me to review their Do-It-Together (DIT) gingerbread kits that they offer just for the Christmas season.

Gingerbells Products

Out of the many products that they had, I chose what I thought was the nicest but also the hardest (as I soon found out) product: Frosty's Gingerbread House!

I was actually apprehensive about it but Gingerbells reassured me that it was easy to do, and I believed them. "Can't be that difficult right?" I thought.

When I received the package from Gingerbells (who kindly delivered it to my workplace when they found out I started work recently), I was very excited to open it and start right away! BUT, I was too tired by the time I got home after work so it would just have to wait till the weekends.

Frosty's DIT Gingerbread House Family Kit

To be honest, I thought I'd have to bake the gingerbread myself! Thankfully, it is already provided in the pack 'cos you know and I know I'd probably burn down the kitchen if I were to do it myself! *laughs*

Yes, cooking is definitely not one of my strengths (as you will soon see) but I was nevertheless game to take on a challenge!

I tried to rope in a tiny handy helper..

"This is more fun ma!"
..but she was more interested in ransacking her grandma's drawers. Looks like I'm on my own -_-

Everything you need is already provided in the kit except for the icing, which you have to make yourself. There are easy instructions given for you to follow and I thought I did a pretty job of it =)

Clockwise from top left:
Sieving the icing powder; separating the egg white from the yolk (we only need the egg white); beating the egg until the egg has bubbles in it; beating the egg white and icing powder with a beater; instructions on the icing packet.
Clockwise from left:
Pouring the mixture into the icing bag placed inside a mug; squeezing as much icing to the bottom as possible; securing the top of the bag with a rubber band 

And now that I have my icing, we can begin construction of our candy house!

Laying out all the required materials

I tried to get baby girl involved as much as possible but as expected, she was only interested in the yummy candy that came with it and not the house itself.

"Wahhh!!! SWEEET! Mmmmm.."

So mummy and grandma were left with doing the house alone.

Mum-in-law helped to hold the walls in place while I 'glue' them together with the icing 

It is harder than it looks! It's so hard to be neat and perfect, which really irritated me as I'm such a perfectionist neat freak!

I was so happy when the walls were finally erected and stood on its own without falling apart! Yay!

Baby girl didn't care that mummy just managed a feat and was totally preoccupied with something else -_-

But my happiness was shortlived as I totally failed trying to get the two sides of the roof to stay on the top of the house! It kept slipping down everytime I put it on!

Just as I was at my wits end and about to give up, I got an idea. Cooking may not be my strength, but creativity sure as hell is! =)

I decided to make a flat roof instead of a slanted one! =)

I know.. genius right?! Who says a gingerbread house can't have a flat roof? *laughs*

I continued decorating with all the goodies that came with the kit and totally loved the end result! Baby girl only finally took notice of it when she saw all the sweets being put on the house.

"Can I have some please mummy?!"

So my gingerbread house is not perfect but who cares? The most important thing is that I made it! And didn't give up =)

If you would like to make some gingerbread creations yourself, hop on over to Gingerbells or visit them on facebook for more information.

Happy Fun Holidays Everyone! =)


This post is part of my Mad-Made Art series that documents our artistic creations!

You can also see more on Instagram via the hashtag #madpsychmumart


Disclosure: A complimentary gingerbread house was received from Gingerbells for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.
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