Tuesday 17 January 2012

Baby Girl's 1st Visit to Her Dentist

If you've been following my blog, you'll know how I keep harping on the importance of bringing your children to see their dentist when they are young.

As I'm not a person who does not practice what I preach, I finally brought my baby girl to see her dentist (who also happens to be one of my girlfriends' future husband) at Tooth Angels & Co. Dental Surgeons.
Baby girl's 1st ever dental visit
Having never been to a dental clinic before, her dentist let her take time to get use to the environment and play around in the usual dentist chair.

Next, he introduced her to his equipment by letting her touch them.
Introducing her to the equipments
I'm not sure if that is even allowed but it totally put baby girl at ease. It also helped that there was a nice TV playing cartoons for her to watch =)

But she wasn't really interested in watching cartoons, since there was a ton more things to explore! Her dentist then decided to read her a story about children visiting the dentist to get rid of monsters in their teeth.
"Look at all those monsters!"
Both her dentist and I doubted if she really understood what he was saying but she listened so intently, I suppose she did understand something. Because next thing you know, her dentist asked her to open her mouth wide and she did so even though she looked really apprehensive about it.
"Open your mouth wiiiiiddde!"
As she was still young, he didn't do any cleaning. He did, however, advise me to brush and floss her teeth regularly as plaque was already starting to get stuck in between her front teeth. "OMG!" I thought, "already?!?" He promptly took out some string and flossed some right out of her teeth as if to prove his point. Oh man, looks like there's no running away from it.

I have to say, I used to be very 'on the ball' with her nightly brushing routine but ever since I started work, I've been really slacking on my mama duties in this area. I've since turned over a new leaf and has been brushing and flossing (yes, flossing!) my baby girl's teeth every night =)

Baby girl has also learnt a new action since her visit to her dentist. When asked, "how do you brush your teeth?", she would mimick her dentist's finger-horizontally-placed-at-teeth-and-moving-left-and-right action! Cute ttm (to the max)!

You should schedule a visit to your dentist no matter whether you're young or old if you want to keep your teeth white and most importantly IN YOUR GUMS!

Oh, and I know a good child-friendly dentist if you need one for your kid. Just saying.. *laughs*

Tooth Angels & Co. Dental Surgeons is located at 587 Bukit Timah Road, Coronation Plaza, #02-34, Singapore 269707

Disclosure: I was not paid to do this review but since I wasn't charged for baby girl's first visit (which is really damn smart of her dentist since I'll be in his future wife's bridal party and he certainly don't want to be in my bad books just in case I bully him on his big day *laughs*), I thought it is only right to say something nice and promote his services =)
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