Sunday 22 January 2012

CNY Reunion Buffet at Carousel

We had an early reunion dinner last Friday with the hubby's family at the award-winning Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts.

Carousel @ Royal Plaza

We decided on this place having heard all the good reports of spectacular seafood and wide range of desserts. And boy were we not disappointed!

Carousel's seafood bar

They have almost every shellfish you can think of! The hubby's loves all kinds of shellfish as his logic is that any meat that requires protection from a shell MUST be really tasty stuff! And if you think about it.. it's actually quite true.

Needless to say, the hubby was in heaven!

Herbal prawns

We took bowl after bowl of herbal prawns as well as plate after plate of large oysters, Alaskan king crabs, scallops and my absolute favourite.. lobsters!


I think I ate 10 half lobsters at a go! Very tasty. Probably the only thing I ate for the whole dinner *laughs*

And then on to my favourite part of any buffet, the dessert tables!

Dessert tables

They had three different flavour of fondue: chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate! It's no surprise which one I went for.. dark chocolate of course! When dripped on Movenpick chocolate ice-cream, it's like heaven! =)

My other favourite is the chocolate cake, which was so good even the hubby and mum-in-law (two people who really don't like to eat cakes) liked it! Said a lot about how good it was!

Baby girl was so crazily eating prawns, cakes, macarons and ice-cream cones that she dirtied the whole floor and her traditional Chinese Cheong Sam that we bought in Shenzhen last year.

Looking really lady-like in her pretty Cheong Sam and sparkling shoes

It was still too big for her then but totally fits her like a glove now! Very cute right? *smiles with pride*

Her 二哥哥 (second elder brother) put himself in charge of watching her the whole night, making sure she did not eat from the floor, touch the plates or fall down and get hurt. And he did a really great job! Elder brothers are so sweet to their 妹妹s (little sisters).. she's so lucky to have two sweet older brothers =)

Some nice pictures with my pretty but unwilling baby girl

At the end of the evening, we were so full we almost couldn't walk! Nevertheless, we still had time for one last family photo!

This one's for you, 阿爸 (dad-in-law).
Wish you were here.

We'll definitely be back! =)

P.S: Apologies for some of the blurred pictures. I forgot to charge my camera battery so I had to use my iPhone camera to take most of the pictures. I've been finding that this happens to me a lot these days.. *sigh*
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