Tuesday 28 February 2012

A Bloggers Night Out at Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore

I was invited by Omy.sg for a cocktail cum dinner bloggers party hosted by Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore.

The newly renovated 4th Floor of the Grand Mercure Roxy

They just did a renovation of the fourth floor of their hotel and were excited to show it off to us. First up is the visit to their newly refurnished rooms.

Clockwise (from left): Walking along the 4th floor corridor; the queen-sized bed in the room; only a transparent glass separates the bathroom from the bedroom.. woo kinky!
The bathtub in the bathroom

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I brought baby girl along with me because 1) she's my backup just in case I feel ackward meeting strangers for the first time (I can just talk to her and she can really talk!) and 2) I need to give my mum-in-law a break from taking care of her the whole day.

Obviously I was the only one who did but I didn't care =)

Baby girl checking out the room

One of the cool things about the rooms on the 4th floor is that they lead directly to the pool outside so there's no need to take a lift and freeze while waiting to get back to your hotel room.

Checking out the porch that leads to the pool
The small but beautiful pool

Next, we made our way to check out their bar and their in-house gym.

The breez bistro.bar
Somewhere to exercise even when you're away from home

While I was busy taking pictures, one of the hotel representatives asked me "Wow, you brought her so she can enjoy the party too?" And I said, "Oh no.. I brought her to be my model!"

I mean, pictures look so much nicer when she's in it right? *laughs*

Posing for the many uncles & aunties taking her picture

And she did one hell of a job at it too, don't cha think? We then spent some time hanging by the pool and enjoying our mocktails.

Photo of me and baby girl
Mocktails and unique entrée

Baby girl kept asking me for more "duwink!!" The egg burger thingy looked so cute I almost didn't want to eat it. I say almost, because I did eventually eat it as the wagyu beef in the middle was just too tempting to resist! Yum =)

We had to proceed onto dinner soon but not before we take a group photo together.

Group photo with the other bloggers and hotel representatives

Dinner was at the hotel's very own restaurant, Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant.

Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant
Very "Cheena" (Chinese) decorations

The kitchen of the restaurant is lead by the award-winning head chef, Chef Lee Tuck Seng.

See all his medals and awards? Told ya he's good.

Chef Lee can only speak Cantonese so he explained the dishes in Cantonese and from the sound of it, seems very tasty indeed. I was very excited! It's not everyday you get to eat food cooked for you by an award-winning chef!

And boy, were we not disappointed!

Clockwise (from top left): the beautiful cutlery; four different types of dim sum (lovely!); tofu in "slimy" sauce; 海中宝 'hai zhong bao' (literally means 'treasure within the sea')

I really liked the Dim Sum, baby abalone and the uber glossy Peking duck. Reminds me of the food that we ate in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Clockwise (from left): Glossy, glossy Peking Duck;
The skin of the duck wrapped with paper thin pancakes (yes it's weird, we only eat the skin!);
Tiger prawns in pumpkin sauce (baby girl's favourite); Tasty laksa.

I wiped out every last bit of the food placed in front of me as it was just too good! Then they served my favourite part of every meal.. the dessert!

Their famous durian cake and durian paste

Ah my favourite fruit in the whole wide world! I ate so much of it when I was pregnant that my girl is hooked on it too. The cake was really nice as it has just the right amount of durian. Not too sweet, just right for me! =)

Obviously, baby girl had trouble staying in her seat for too long so she was either walking around and disturbing the waitress or playing with the iPhone that Paula kindly loaned her (thanks babe!).

Keeping her entertained

Overall, it was a great event! Many thanks for the invitation =)

Disclosure: An invitation to this event was received from omy.sg and Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.
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