Wednesday 29 February 2012

After-Work Dinner at Orange Thimble

I've been wanting to visit this Art Cafe ever since I heard about it from Adora and walked passed it one evening.

So I arranged to meet my friend J for dinner at Orange Thimble.

The Orange Thimble

I brought baby girl along because J has not seen her in a long time and want to meet her. But Girlee was more interested in the ice-cream on display..

"Ooooooo ice-queam!"

Seeing how interested she was and dying to make her like him, the service staff gave her some to eat!


And ever since then she kept going back to the ice-cream freezer, hoping to get more from the nice "uncle".

As they only serve "breakfast food" such as sandwiches and pastries, I ordered a Portobello while J ordered a Chixie.

Clockwise (from left): Store counter; J's Chixie sandwich; my Portobello sandwich

The price of the sandwich is slightly higher than Subway but not as nice. I thought the taste was very ordinary only.

But baby girl had a blast eating the old school biscuits we used to eat when we were little kids!

She really loved it!

Thankfully, our meal ended off with a very tasty, albeit pricey, cake!

Hazelnut chocolate cake

I loved how the chocolate melts in your mouth! Mmmm! =)

I'm such a sucker for good dessert.

Orange Thimble is located at Blk 56, 01-68, Eng Hoon Street, Singapore 160056.

P.S: To everyone born on the day that only appears once every four years..
Happy Leap-y Birthday! =) 
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