Saturday 3 March 2012

Anti-Slip Floor Stickers by 3M

Baby girl has been walking very well now without much help, that is, except for the toilet. We never let her go in there without someone holding her hand because every single time she steps onto the perpectually wet floor, she will slip and fall.

Which is why when 3M asked me if I would like to review their anti-slip floor stickers designed for bathrooms and kitchens, I agreed immediately!

Received the floor stickers from 3M in the post!

Of the four different designs that they offer, I picked the cute cartoon one because I thought the elephant and giraffe looked so cute brushing its teeth and bathing respectively.

Stuck the cute stickers in the toilet that is most often used for bathing and washing

I got to admit that although 3M was kind enough to send me 2 packets of their floor stickers, I only used 1 because a) the toilet isn't very big so I thought 4 stickers are more than enough and b) I'm a real cheapo and just wanted to save the other one for our house in future! *laughs*

The stickers have to be applied to a dry floor and must be kept dry for at least 4 hours otherwise it wouldn't stick very well (more application instructions here). This was actually harder to achieve than expected because like I said, everyone uses this toilet for something! So I had to wait till everyone is about to sleep before I could paste the stickers (in the way that I like it no less).

The next day, I got baby girl to test it out but she didn't take too well to it at first.

Girlee: "Ow ow! Pain pain!"
Me: "No lah, where got pain? Don't be such a drama queen!"

She has since gotten used to it and I'm now trying to train her to walk only on the anti-slip stickers. I might even make a game out of it and get her to pretend the stickers are big flat stones across a rushing river!

Even after bathing, she can now step right out of her "bathtub" onto the floor and walk straight out without us having to worry that she'll fall.

So pretty and useful! You should get some for your bathrooms too =)

Disclosure: Complimentary floor stickers were received from 3M Singapore for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.
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