Monday 5 March 2012

Unveiling the New Wild Playground at Tampines 1

Baby girl had a very bad sore throat after we got back from KL, which eventually caused her to have ulcers in her mouth. We started to suspect it's the dreaded you-know-what but the doctor confirmed that it wasn't. She was just heaty.

But the ulcers really made her very cranky (I mean, I would be too) and she can't sleep or eat well. So you can imagine her delight when we told her that we'll be bringing her to a brand new wet-and-dry playground last Saturday.

New rooftop playground

Tampines 1 has just built a spanking new water playground at the roof and invited us to their preview party just for bloggers and other distinguished guests. We will be the first to test out the new facilities before it's opened to the public on 10th March 2012.

It so happened she was wearing polka dots like the girl in the wallpaper and made a face just like her! *laughs*

The sunny weather was perfect for an outdoor party where there was music and lots of food.

Clockwise (from left): Opening address by the representative of Tampines 1;
delicious buffet of food; nice shelters for sun-haters to escape the sun

All the parents were listening intentively to the opening address but the kids were more interested in getting wet in the playground already.

Girlee showed her immense displeasure when I asked her to wait as she was so excited to "go playground!"

I told baby girl to wait for a while first because mummy wanted to take a cute family photo at the photo booth before she get all wet.

Loved the props! We look so cute =)

We also tried to distract her with a balloon, although she wasn't very interested in it. She's probably thinking, "like come on, there's a HUGE playground just metres away from us. Do you seriously think I'd rather be playing with a balloon?!"

Baby girl with her balloon shaped like a flower; Me and Leonny from Our Everyday Things

I was keen to catch up with other mum bloggers such as Leonny (who will be leaving Singapore for Jakarta soon!) but couldn't do so as I was so busy changing baby girl into her swimsuit and running after her to snap pictures!

The playground was divided into 4 sections and was decorated to represent four different continents.

Continent of Africa

Not only do the children get to have fun but they also can learn about geography and conservation of the wild.

Left: Taking a "ride" on the hippo;
Right: Playing with the water sprouts
Continent of South America
Continent of Antartica

The polar bear corner was a big hit among both the little babies (who could wade in the ankle high water) and older kids (who can slide down the big slide) alike. My enthusiasm to help baby girl slide down the slide also got me wet and totally ruined my eye makeup (my eye-liner from Maybelline isn't very good, time to toss it!).

Ah well. At least I won't have to get wet at the dry playground..

This slide may be too small for the bigger kids but is perfect for little babies and toddlers =)

I think she went at it at least ten times or more!

It was a blistering hot day with the sun shining bright even at 5.30pm so we decided our entire family had enough sun tan for the day. I washed baby girl up at the nearby shower facilities, which was really nice!

The beautiful shower facilities

The best I've seen so far in all the many (8 to be exact) wet playgrounds that we've been to. After a fun time playing with water, baby girl indulged in some cupcakes (well, actually just the fondant to be exact since she can't really eat chocolate with all the ulcers).

Animal themed cupcakes

Very cute right? Of course I chose the giraffe. You know how that's my favourite animal of all time don't ya?

Took a nice family shot before we left =)

We were so tired out by the end of the day, baby girl fell into a deep sleep in my arms while we window shopped. Somehow I also managed to review some of the nursing rooms in the area while carrying her in my arms (no easy feat I can assure you!). We were so exhausted that we had to spend the next day lazing around at home to recuperate.

But it was a lovely experience. We're thinking of bringing her back again after it opens officially on 10 March. You should too =)


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Disclosure: An invitation to this event was received from Tampines 1. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.
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