Monday 20 February 2012

iWant2 @ I12 Katong

I've been wanting to visit the new 112 Katong mall (112 sounds like "I want to" hence their slogan) ever since I read about it on fellow mum bloggers San and Susan's blogs. So after much bugging from me, the hubby finally drove our whole family down to take a look.

Baby girl has already visited 7 water playgrounds (8, if you count the Science Centre that we've been to but didn't get to spend much time at since it started raining not long after) and since I love to keep adding to that list, the very first thing we did when we arrived was to visit the Aqua Playground (as they called it).

The layout of the water playground is very similar to the ones we had visited in other shopping malls.
Aqua Playground @ 112 Katong
But unlike other malls, there are shoe racks for you to put your shoes neatly away since you can't wear shoes on the playground as a nice security uncle kindly pointed out (with a whistle no less) to those who did.
Getting our hands and feet wet!
As with all the other playgrounds, baby girl preferred the short sprouts of water to the large waterfall. But unlike other playgrounds, this one had swings for much younger children ages 18 months and below so that they could play too!
This swing was for infants below 18 months old
However as the swings were made for smaller children, it was too low for baby girl and she didn't like sitting like this one bit.

Then I followed in the footsteps of one very creative (and way too overage for these swings) boy and viola!
We have lift off!
She had such a blast on the swings that she didn't want to get off no matter how hard I tried to get her to.

Unfortunately, unlike IMM, this playground does not have a dry counterpart and the toilet is located on the other end of the building (as Susan also pointed out).

But the biggest problem is not the lack of nearby toilets. It wasn't the relatively small space. It wasn't even the lack of parking space.

The greatest problem was.. there is NO nursing room available!

As an ex-nursing mother and reviewer of nursing rooms, I find this extremely unacceptable (especially since it's a brand new mall)!

I suppose it's unlikely that we'll return since we don't live in the area and there are other better water playgrounds that are located nearer to our home.

Nevertheless, for residents who live in the area, I'm sure this mall is a welcomed addition to the neighbourhood =)


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