Friday 17 February 2012

A Movie Date with Disney Junior

I specially took leave last Wednesday to spend time with my baby girl and bring her for the Disney Junior's blogger event held at the Singapore Science Centre. We were there to watch a preview screening of their brand new movie, Mickey's Space Adventure.

Preview Screening of Mickey's Space Adventure

It was only 40 minutes but it's still considered a movie by kid standards. All the adults dug into the delicious food and caught up with each other.

Where there is Disney Junior, there will be FOOD! *laughs*
While all the children sat and watched the movie very attentively. Well.. all.. except for one.

Clockwise (from left): Along came grandma;
Playing peek-a-boo with mama;
Playing with Brie (from Our Everyday Things)

She was more interested in the food that the adults were eating rather than in what Pluto the space dog (who was from.. you guessed it.. Pluto!) was doing.

Heck the only thing she watched was the beginning, some bits in the middle and the end. Ah well, I suppose space is not really baby girl's thing. But all the other kids had fun so you might want to get your kids to check it out once it airs on 20th Febuary.

Goodie bags!

As usual, baby girl got to bring home a nice goodie bag thanks to Disney Junior. We had a great afternoon together and look forward to more =)

Never miss an opportunity to dress up as Minnie Mouse

As it had started raining later that day and I couldn't bring baby girl to the water park like I had initially planned (I bought a brand new swim suit for her and all), we spent the rest of the afternoon ambling around the Science Centre and complaining about how boring the exhibits were.

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed spending precious time with my girl and my mama. Time well-spent =)

Disclosure: An invitation to this event was received from Disney Junior Asia. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.
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