Saturday 31 March 2012

Splashing Good Time at Changi City Point

I managed to get one day off of work 2 weeks ago and decided to visit the newly opened Changi City Point with baby girl and mum-in-law.

Changi City Point located at Expo MRT Station

They haven't travelled far to shop and play ever since this mama started her full-time work so I wanted to bring them somewhere far away from our usual hangouts. The first thing we did when we arrived was to head on over to the water playground while the sun was still shining bright (you'll never know when it will start raining).

Water playground at Changi City Point

We took some time to find it since it was hidden somewhere at the back of the foodcourt. Baby girl was so excited!


The sun was shining so brightly that we all hid under this little umbrella shelter while baby girl swung on the swings.

Water sprays under the swings

She had a blast! Some children came by and could only look at baby girl have fun while they couldn't because they didn't have extra clothes. Isn't my girl lucky? I always have an extra set of clothes & swim diapers in my diaper bag at all times *grins*

There are toilets located near the playground so you don't have to worry if your child needs to use the toilet.

Left: Water hoses to wash off; Right: nearby female toilet

However, there are no shower facilities available except for some water sprays, which provided little privacy if you have older children.

Nevertheless baby girl had a great time and we were all famished after running after her in the water. We decided to have lunch at Eggs & Berries.

Eggs & Berries at Changi City Point

The interior really attracted me with its bright colours and natural wheatgrass (albeit fake ones *laugh*).

Baby girl drawing on the table mats while we ate the fish & chips that her grandma ordered
Feeding baby girl the bacon & cream spaghetti that I ordered

Baby girl really loved the spaghetti and ate a large portion of my lunch, if I might add. I ended up not ordering their desserts because we were so full at the end.

Dessert bar!

What a pity though since the desserts looked sooo good! *Mmm*

After lunch, we shopped around while baby girl took her nap and I managed to buy some books at a very reasonable price. We also went to check out the talked-about Petite Park located at the top floor.

Petite Park

I thought this playground looked really fun and great for little kids! Too bad my baby girl was sleeping so we didn't get to let her try it out.

But since we just found out that my church would be using Singapore Expo temporarily for our worship services for 6-8 months, we'll definitely have a chance to bring her there to try it out =)

Although this was more tiring than I had expected for my off day, I have to say I really miss the days when I don't work and get to go out with my baby and mum-in-law to almost every shopping centre in Singapore! (Yes.. I'm a mall-aholic!) I really had a nice time and will definitely arrange to visit more malls soon =)


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