Saturday 14 April 2012

The Largest Chilli Crab @ Kim's Place Seafood

Hubby was feeling richer than usual (bonus mah) so he decided to treat our whole family of 5 to seafood at the famous Kim's Place Seafood at Joo Chiat.

Kim's Place Seafood

We've ever been here before in the past but we did not try their lobsters, which were going for only $38 a piece.

Daddy ordering food while baby girl played with her utensils

We ordered a few of their signature dishes to try as well as the hubby's favourite lobsters and Chilli crab.

Their signature fried Hokkien mee
Seafood hor fun & Spinach with 3 kinds of egg (ordinary, century & salted)

The Spinach with 3 eggs was terrible! I've definitely tasted much better so don't order this dish if you're going to dine there.

The fried Hokkien mee and Hor Fun were much better but still only just passed our high standards. You must understand, we live in Tiong Bahru, the haven for good Chinese food! You gotta be really spectacular to pass our standards! *laughs*

Then came the stars of our meal (and every meal we have actually):

Lobsters cooked in cheese (above) and garlic (below)

We ordered a total of 4 lobsters, 2 cooked with cheese and 2 cooked with garlic. I liked both as they gave you a different kind of taste for each. The lobster's meat was tasty and fresh and definitely right up my alley.

The claw of the 1.7 kg chili crab is almost as big as your face!

The bro-in-law and I also had the time of our lives eating a claw each of the LARGEST ever crab we've ever ordered! Oh the juiciness, freshness and chewiness of the meat! We were all so happily eating there wasn't much talking at the table!

Coincidentally, we were eating at a table with a picture of Joanne Peh and the boss of the restaurant hung on the pillar beside us...

Photo of Joanne Peh on the wall

...and guess who we saw!

Bobby Tonelli & Joanne Peh!

I have been following Joanne's blog for some time now and am a fan of hers (we're the same age if I'm not wrong) so I wanted to ask her to take a picture with baby girl and I. But I chickened out at the end! Sigh. Looks like my skin is still not as thick as I thought! *laughs*

Anyway, if you like seafood and Hokkien mee you might like to try this place. The prices are not cheap for the crab though but it's really worth it if you do =)

Kim's Place Seafood is located at 43 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427767.
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