Wednesday 11 April 2012

My Belated Easter Thanksgiving

Easter came and went this year with Christians all over the world celebrating the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for our salvation. Besides thanking Jesus for his amazing love for us, I thought I should take this time to count my blessings and name them one by one (albeit very late.. Gimme a break I worked 12-hour days this week!).

#1: Gifts!
It's not my birthday or our anniversary yet but I've already received many gifts from people who love me!
Clockwise (from top right): Bag from the mum-in-law (first time she ever got me a birthday present!);
Twelve Cupcakes from Jes; Mini Lenovo notebook from the hubby for my birthday;
Dior sunglasses for our anniversary =)
Yes, yes. While everyone else's love language is quality time or acts of kindness (you know the kind of stuff money can't buy?), I'm the kind of person whose love language is receiving gifts! It's so easy to please me isn't it? I'm that shallow! *laughs*

I'm also very blessed =)

#2: Sale!
Thanks to the Megatex sale at Expo, we went home with a 40 inch TV for just $699.
Our 40 inch HD LED TV sitting in our bedroom

Then hubby insisted that we get the HD set-up box from Starhub asap so now we have crystal clear images when watching History HD. Although seeing the life-like spider creeping towards you is admittedly a little unsettling!

We also bought our sunglasses from Isetan, who was having $5 rebates for every $50 spent on all their merchandise for members only. I got almost $60 worth of vouchers to buy something else I liked.. I'm such a sucker for a good bargain *grin*. Thank God we decided to go last Sunday because it happened to be the last day of the promotion! It was a happy spending day for us :)

#3: Friends!
Thank God for giving us great friends in our lives. And like what Lily from How I Met Your Mother (one of my favourite shows despite the less than cool name) once said in one of their episodes, "couples need other couples!"

I thank God for our couple friends J & K, who not only cooked a great meal for lunch for us at their home but also are the only 2 people in the world who would spend 4-5 hours playing Settlers of Catan (both original & the Cities and Knights expansion) with us non-stop!
Left: Aglio olio spaghetti with portobello mushroom & chawanmushi;
Right: Playing Catan, Cities and Knights!
Thanks guys for being our Catan buddies! How else are we supposed to get our Catan fix if not for you! :)

For some reason God has blessed us with friends who actually LOVE to cook for us. Aren't they lucky to have friends like me who LOVES to eat their food then! Match made in heaven I'd say! *laughs*

I also recently got back in touch with my secondary school classmates and we met up for dinner one night.
Dinner at Ichiban Boshi Suntec City

Most of our parents have long lost contact with their secondary school friends but we were keen to keep our friendship going! Hopefully meet ups such as these will continue even after they set up their own families (both of them getting married soon!). In future it won't be meet-ups, it'll be playdates! *laughs*

#4: Taking the First Steps to My Dream!
If you know me, you'd know that I've always dreamt of being a psychology professor. So when I was given the opportunity to further my studies, I did (And I'm intending to further it again in future).

I was thus very excited when I was given the opportunity to be a associate trainer/lecturer at a private university in Singapore. Although it's only a part time assignment which required me to work after normal working hours (thus explaining my 12-hour work days), I really enjoy what I'm doing, teaching psychology to undergraduates :)

#5: Grow, Grow, Grow!
Baby girl will turn 2 in 3 months time and I still can't believe how fast she has grown!
The many faces of my little Girlee at 1.5 years old

She can run, jump and climb onto anything that she can get her feet up on. And since she's also taller than most kids her age, she has also been promoted to the booster seat in the car!
Girlee's favourite activity is still, hands down, giving you the cheeky smile when you glare at her, going to the playground and sleeping!

As with all almost-two year olds, the word "no!" has become a regular on her tongue, which now talks and talks but sometimes we have no idea what she's saying.

I was going to upload a video so you'll know what I mean but for some reason I can't so I'm just going to upload it on my MadPsychMum Facebook page (hopefully by tonight!). Please LIKE us if you haven't already yah! Thank you very much! :)

Thank God for faithful followers like you, whether it's outright supporters or silently followers, this blog is where it is because of you!

I'm very blessed indeed :)

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