Sunday 19 August 2012

Mad-Made: DIY Personalised Magnets

The cubicles at my workplace are made up of magnetic boards so the colleagues and I are always on a look out for nicer and more useful magnets to put up in our space.

As usual, I find the need to personalise everything so that no one else has the same magnets as me. Here's how you can do it too =)

#1: Jazz Up Existing Magnets
I got these cute magnets from Daiso which almost every colleague in the office has.

Pink magnet from Daiso

So I personalised it by sticking some stickers on it!

Mad Psych Mum =)
Placing them in a row so the letters spell the words right

I'm sure no one will have the same magnets as me now! *laughs*

#2: Transform Frames into Magnets
This is definitely not a new idea but I'm so in love with it. First, get plain magnets from Daiso/Spotlight and lightweight photo frames (as light as possible) from Daiso/Ikea.

My photo frames are from Ikea & my magnets from Daiso

Stick the magnets to the back of the photo frame and viola.

My wall of photos at my cubicle that keeps me going =)

You get a professional wall of photos!

#3: DIY Clay Magnets
When my colleague S found out that I like arts and crafts, she told me she got some Super Dough air-dry clay from Art Friend for a steal and asked me if I would like to make stuff with them. And then I found out my other colleague WM actually used the plain ugly black magnets as it is without adding anything, which immediately light up my artistic lightbulb. Why not make Super Dough magnets?

Made this cat magnet for cat-loving colleague S..
..and seashell & crab for colleague WM

It also makes for a really fun co-worker bonding activity over lunch too =)

Make your own magnets and definitely no one will have the same thing as you!

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