Sunday 16 September 2012

Our Cat In The Hat Playdate

We went to watch The Cat In The Hat play at the DBS Arts Center last week with fellow SMBs and their kids.

Baby girl was super excited when I told her that mummy was going to bring her somewhere special.
Her super excited face! =)
This is the first time she has been to a play and she really took in the atmosphere as well as the many, many children that filled the theatre!
The theatre before it got filled with noisy little preschoolers
We sat pretty far at the back but we didn't mind as we could still see all the action rather clearly. Plus, the theatre provided us with plastic booster seats, which baby girl insisted on sitting by herself.
"I sit on booster seat myself mummy!"
When the play began she was mostly engaged in it because 1) she has been watching The Cat in the Hat on TV so she knows what it is and 2) it was pretty easy to understand what's happening.

After the play I asked her what she watched just now and she could answer, "the cat in the hat!" =)

We decided to have lunch together at a nearby TCC, where our army of preschoolers covered the little area with their incessant chatter. They also took full advantage of the many wooden swing chairs hung inside the restaurant, which they assumed was their playground -_-
Of course there's no way baby girl was going to resist sitting on one of these
Sharing her seat with Kenan (left) and Allysa (right)
We've been trying to plan a playdate with Ally (who is just 2 days younger than baby girl!) since one year ago and it has finally happened.

After a while though, baby girl became more interested in irritating joining in the older boys in their activities.
Trying to be inconspicuous while inching nearer and nearer
"I'm here but I'm not here..."
Of course the boys were not too thrilled but relunctantly allowed her to hover around them. It was really funny to watch! *laughs*

It was fun catching up and I look forward to our next gathering/playdate! =)
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