Friday 14 September 2012

Our Road to a Diaper-free Kid

She is now old enough to know when she needs to poo so I thought toilet-training would be a breeze. I mean, c'mon, she started potty training at 6 months old and was actually successful!

But for some strange reason when she was around 18 months old, she started to reject the potty, preferring to just poop in her diapers. Obviously that didn't sit well with my mum-in-law who was adamant that all of her 3 children would have already been potty-trained by now.

She asked me to force her to sit on the potty until her butt was red and yet baby girl just would not go. But the moment we put on brand new diapers for her.. BAM! There it was in her diapers.

It was really frustrating! >_<

And then I realised that I felt frustrated because I really had too high expectations of my girl. I had this amazing vision in my head that I, the awesome mummy, will have this equally awesome, over-achieving child who will beat the norms and everyone else!

Only to have to face reality and be forced to eat the humble pie when she doesn't do as you expect her to. No. She was going to do it whenever she wants to and that was that.

Ah, motherhood.

Just when you think you've got it all figured out, she comes right along and pours a huge bucket of cold water on your ego *sigh*

So I learnt a little patience and finally decided to let go and let God take over.

And then one day, it happened.

She was screaming in pain due to her constipation as usual (I mentioned this previously remember?) and my mum-in-law casually suggested that she sit on the potty to poo. She didn't put up a fight, which was unusual.

And then after what seemed like forever, she suddenly pooped into the potty after rejecting it for almost a year! Of course her grandma and I cheered and praised her for her good work, which made her so proud of herself =)

Since then, there was no looking back.
Demonstrating how it's done! =)
Although she still only poos once every 2 or 3 days, it's always in this little blue potty that she has been using since she was 6 months old. I'm so proud of her =)

It's still a long road but I know she will get there, one baby step at a time.

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