Friday 7 December 2012

Birds of a Feather, Flock Together

We made a promise to my girl to bring her to Jurong Bird Park when we're back from Hokkaido so despite feeling very tired, we made our way there the morning we returned to Singapore.

Girlee's first visit to the Bird Park

It was our family bonding day with my little girl, whom we haven't seen in a week.


We started our day at the habitat of the penguins, one of my girl's favourite animals.

Penguin Coast
"Me, Mummy, Daddy and Nai Nai (paternal grandmother)!" she declared when she saw this poster *laughs*

She loved the penguins but as it wasn't feeding time yet, we decided to bring her back again later.

It was off to explore the rest of the park and feed the fish with the bread we brought. Unlike the fish at the Botanical Gardens, the koi were starving!

Hungry koi fighting for food

Girlee had so much fun watching the fish up, close and personal =)

It was only after we had finished all the bread we had that my girl was finally willing to go. We continued on our exploration and saw all sorts of birds such as pelicans, cranes, flamingos and our personal favourite, the owls.

Some of the birds were so weird she was really scared
Love the mini waterfall at the crane habitat

There was a really nice boardwalk near the pelican habitat and it was the only time my girl was willing to walk and not beg to be carried.

She loved walking on the boardwalk! =)

As it was nearing her nap time, we hurried quickly to the place kids call heaven on earth.. the playground!

Birdz of Play
All new water playground

There was a water playground, a dry playground, kid-friendly toilets and nursing rooms (check out my review)! Needless to say, Girlee had a blast! =)

Splashing around with daddy
Up and down the seesaw!

Of course she was thoroughly tired out after playing there for more than an hour and fell fast asleep on her stroller. When she finally awoke less than 1 hour later, we made our way to the Pools Amphitheatre where the Birds n Buddies show was about to begin.

Pools Amphitheatre

We watched as the birds flew above our heads, did tricks and interacted with the audience.

The stars of the show sharing the stage at the finale
Running to the front of the stage after the show to get a closer look at the birds

It was quite a nice show but I was really more interested in the Kings of the Sky show, which featured the birds of prey, at the Hawk Walk. Unfortunately, just as we were about to proceed there, the skies started to pour! The show was cancelled as a result =(

Thankfully the penguin exhibit was sheltered and it was feeding time! I pointed excitedly to the penguins and exclaimed, "look girl! Penguins are eating fish! See, seeee!" Those we ate the fish in the water was literally right in front of your nose. It was quite an eye-opener for my girl =)

After the feeding, we decided to leave the park as the rain was just too heavy to continue on. Before we left, her daddy wanted to buy her a cute, medium-sized, pink flamingo soft toy as a souvenir but she rejected it. "I don't want, I want this one!" she said.

Turns out she preferred the much smaller White Owl. She liked to hold the tips of its wings and flap it up and down. I really have no idea why she loved it so much but she just did.

"I like my baby owl Mummy!"

We had a fun day despite the rain. I think it's safe to say that we'll definitely be back again next year! =)

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