Monday 25 February 2013

Organising Brushes & Paints

I've stopped painting for a while because I found it hard to access my jumbo size paint set.

My jumbo tubes of acrylic paint

After months of sourcing for a good container to store them, I finally decided the cheaper option would be to customise Diaso containers (you know how I love them). Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Buy suitable containers from Daiso. I chose these because of its colour and the easy to use handles.

Storage rack from Daiso at S$2 each

Step 2: Place the storage racks back to back and then tie them together using wires (you may also use those thin wires that are commonly used to organise cable wires).

Placed back to back
Tied together using craft wires available in most craft stores
Close up shot of the end product
To ensure stability, you should tie 1 wire on both sides of the handle and another below it

Step 3: Make the dividers by recycling the cardboard box that contained the paint (you probably won't need it anymore). If your box is too small, you can also consider using the cardboard at the back of foolscap paper.

Cardboard box that stored my paint set
Measure the storage (add 3-4mm on each side) and cut out the cardboard pieces

Ensure that you cut out 2 cardboard pieces the length of the storage rack and 4 pieces the width of it. You may add more or less depending on the number of compartments you need. As an added touch, I also cut out the ridges (which matched the holes of the storage rack) at the side of the dividers so that they would adhere better and not fall out when you turned the container upside down =)

Then add a slit at the top of the long divider and another at the bottom of the shorter one (do it for both the shorter ones). Ensure that both slits meet in the middle when you join the dividers together. After you have completed one set of dividers (1 long and 2 short), do the same for the other set. Next, assemble the dividers in the containers.

Insert the cardboard dividers into the storage rack

And viola! Your very own rack of paints that cost you less than $5! =)

My tubes of paints, organised neatly by colour *grin*
Neat and handy! =)

Try it yourself! Let me know how it goes =)

*This post is part of my series on The Madeline Standard of Organisation. Read on for more of my practical and sometimes extreme tips for organising your life! =)
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