Sunday 24 February 2013

The Art of Positive Reinforcement

I have been wanting to create a reward chart for my girl for a long time (since she was 1 years old *gasp*) but didn't manage to do so until my mum-in-law bought a whole set of 500 stickers for her to play with. I thought the stickers would be put to better use for a reward chart so I finally drew up a simple chart after work a few days ago.

Happy with her 1st reward chart

We started off with a few simple tasks (I'll probably make them harder as we go along) that she can do easily such as peeing in the toilet, minding her manners, etc. Every time she does any of the tasks, she gets a sticker as a reward.

Happily sticking on her chosen sticker
Checking that it is in place

After accumulating enough stickers, she gets a simple prize of her choice (knowing her, she will probably choose chocolate ice-cream or something). It's just a simple way to quantify her achievements =)

What about you? How do you reward your kids?

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