Monday 18 February 2013

It's About Fitness, Not Weight Loss!

That's how I comfort myself that is.

I've been watching my diet and exercising regularly for the last quarter of the year, no thanks to my hyperactive work buddy who doesn't just go horseback riding every morning before work (I know right?), she also does rock climbing, swimming and even jogging with a large backpack of riding equipment home after work! >_<

Yes I know.. she always make me look bad *laughs*

Obviously with a buddy like that, you can't help but be a little motivated to drag your ass to her club's private pool (with hot showers yo!) and swim. I can't even use the "hey, it's too far away!" excuse since it's just across the road from our workplace.

A view of the pool from the office

Another very kind colleague said I look like I've lost weight (look only ah, sad.. *laughs*) but when I step onto the weighing scale, lo and behold, I only lost 1 measly kilogram -_-

That's still far from the goal of 3kg I set last year! *argg*

And to make matters worse, it had been raining the past few weeks and with the wedding preparations and all, I haven't been exercising since the beginning of the year! *gasp*

So anyway, I realized that it would be a downhill spiral for me if I am only focused on the kilograms because before you know it, bam, I will be pregnant again (cross my fingers) and then all the kilos will pile right back on again. I'm trying really hard to climb back on the exercise wagon but in this season of feasting, it's so hard! =(

But as a pastor said once in church one weekend, you're not a failure if you fall. You're only one if you stayed there! And so fight as I might, I will try again! Join me why won't you and let's keep on keeping on together =)

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