Saturday 1 June 2013

Bali Day 1-2: Our Private Villa at Semiyak

Day 1

We boarded our Garuda Indonesia flight to Bali, Indonesia for our family trip! The journey only took 2 hours and we arrived before noon. The airport was in the midst of renovation so it was hotter than usual while waiting to clear immigration!

Welcome to Bali!

Thankfully the hubby booked our villa's car service so a private driver met us at the arrival gate and sent us directly to the villa without much hassle.

Chartered car to send us to the villa

We chose to stay at The Jas Villas at Seminyak because it was close to the main street of Seminyak and was relatively cheap (S$200 per night).

The Jas Villas
Group photo at the entrance
Our room
Outdoor toilet
Clockwise from left: Poolside veranda; Private pool; Kitchen & dining area

My favourite part of the villa was the private pool! We could soak in it anytime we liked =)
My least favourite part? The open air toilet! Because it was so open, it invited all sorts of creepy crawlies such as mosquitoes, ants, spiders, lizards, millipedes and even *gasp* a rat! Yes you read it right. My mum-in-law found a rat in her toilet! It took 3 grown men from the villa to capture it. *Ewww*

Definitely too big a price to pay for being able to bathe under the stars. A transparent glass ceiling would have been just fine too, thankyouverymuch.

Anyway, we were starving so we proceeded to Cafe Bali for our lunch.

Cafe Bali
Clockwise from top left: Satay with rice; Beef & spinach lasagne; Carbonara spaghetti with egg;
Traditional Indonesian mee goreng

Ironically, although this was Indonesia, the Indonesia style food wasn't as nice as the Western style food! Perhaps it is because Cafe Bali catered mainly to the Caucasian palate.

After lunch we spent the rest of the day exploring Seminyak, swimming in our private pool, having dinner and chilling in our villa.

Day 2

The next day, we were served our breakfast (included in the room price) at our room after placing our order with Jas Villas the day before. We were really served like kings!

Breakfast is served!
Our breakfast consisted of 1 mains, 1 pancake, 1 hot drink, 1 cold drink & 1 dessert per pax! =)

After an awesome breakfast, we had a morning swim before proceeding to the most famous Chinese restaurant in Bali for lunch.

Bali Nik Mat
Clockwise from top leftBarbecue pork; Fried rice; Steam fish with soy sauce; Fried noodles 
Clockwise from left: Fried kai lan with garlic; Salted egg crabs; Steamed lobsters with garlic

My mum-in-law was thrilled because she really didn't like other kinds of food except for Chinese food. The hubby went wild ordering fish, crabs and lobsters and ended up spending almost S$200! But it was still worth it as we ate sooo much we felt like puking! (Ok, I felt like puking.. 1st trimester nausea and all).

After a fulfilling lunch, the bro-in-law and I went to get a haircut (S$12 only!), after which we decided to have Indonesian food at a this restaurant, which was patronised mainly by the locals.

Indonesian restaurant along the road

I guessed it must be what the locals ate so we thought we should give it a try. Turns out, their food was really cheap and good. Half a chicken only costs S$1.50 and was super tender! After such a pricey lunch, my thrifty mum-in-law was happy to be able to save some money for dinner *laughs*.

This was one of those trips where we spent most of the time lazing around, doing nothing and eating. Love it =)

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