Sunday 2 June 2013

Bali Day 3: Bali Day Tour

We booked our hotel's car and driver for a day (approximately S$60-70) to tour the other parts of Bali. As we had a young child with us, the hubby ensured that our route was not too far away from Semiyak otherwise all of us could not have endured it.

So for our first stop, we went to Ubud and stopped by a batik factory, a jewellery factory and an art gallery, three things that Bali is famous for.

Batik Factory
Art Gallery

The art here are created by the locals, which were really vivid and beautiful! We couldn't afford the bigger ones, so we bought 2 small but really cool paintings as a souvenir of our trip =)

Bali is also famous for their Kopi Luwak (coffee from Civets and also the most expensive coffee in the world) so how can we not visit a coffee & tea farm?

Balinese coffee beans on the plant
Different beans dried and fried over the fire
Cocoa bean split into half

After being introduced to all the plants and seeing them in person, we were brought to a little hut facing a beautiful field where we got to try all their coffee and tea for free! All except for Kopi Luwak that is.. *laughs*

Nice sunny day for a cup of coffee/tea
Left: Our line of beverages to try;
Right: Hubby excited to try Kopi Luwak for the 1st time!

We decided which type of coffee or tea we liked and bought them from their store. Of course we had to buy some Kopi Luwak too =)

Next, we headed off to the famous Dirty Duck Diner for their most popular dish.. wait for it.. duck! Duh =)

Dirty Duck Diner
Clockwise from left: Rice in a basket; Marinated dirty duck; Grilled seafood platter
Clockwise from top left: Indonesian satay; Carbonara spaghetti; Assorted vegetables; Original crispy dirty duck

The food tasted as good as we heard! Although we did prefer the marinated dirty duck better than the crispy dirty duck as it was softer and more flavourful. Yum!

After a fulfilling lunch, we all slept in the car as it was another 1-1.5 hours as we headed to Tanah Lot.

Tanah Lot

Surprisingly, the shopping here was fabulous! You could bargain to dirt cheap prices and people would sell you their wares. We bought a bunch of clothes, souvenirs and other little knick knacks here! =)

After shopping for a bit, we followed the crowd to the coast where we took some pictures of the beautiful scenery.

Standing literally at the edge (of a cliff), with the temple at the background
(You can only access the temple in low tide after the waters recede)
We were here!

We wanted to stay till dusk to see the sunset but we figured that we didn't want to return to our villa too late so we ended up spending more time shopping around at the stalls instead!

I guess it is really different when you're travelling with 一老一小 (literal translation: one old & one young) as we were all exhausted by dinner time. We were supposed to travel a distance to a famous restaurant where you can dine and watch the sunset by the beach but we decided against it as we were simply too tired to travel. We ended up eating at a restaurant near our villa but we didn't mind really because we could rest and enjoy each other's company.

Looking forward to another fun day tomorrow! =)

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