Monday 3 June 2013

Bali Day 4: Bali Safari Park

We are going to visit the Bali Safari & Marine Park today and were told that we could take the free shuttle bus from The Breezes.

Free Shuttle Bus to Bali Safari & Marine Park
Playing a fool and entertaining herself on the bus

It was a pretty long journey but we were all smiles when we finally arrived! After getting our tickets, we had to take the internal tram to the Safari park, located deeper within the forest.

Tram within the park

Once there, we started our journey with the Animal Educational Show at Hanuman Stage.

Getting ready for the show
Animal Educational Show @ Hanuman Stage
The host of the show introducing the different animals

The show was really ordinary to us, even my girl wasn't really impressed. As we were moving on to the next attraction, we passed by some elephants, who were waiting for guests to buy bananas to feed them. I was going to buy some bananas for the girl but they were so pricey I decided against it. Besides, my girl looked terrified when I asked her if she would like to feed the elephants! *laughs*

Feed the elephants!

We proceeded to hop on a special land-and-sea Safari Tram for the Safari Journey that brought us up, close and personal with the Safari animals.

Safari Tram with our own tour guide
Tigers lazing in the sun
Clockwise from top left: Hippopotamus peeking out from his bath;
Two zebras that came so close to our window we could almost touch them.. my girl was thrilled!
Lions in their den; Rhinoceros grazing on the field.
My favourite animal, the giraffe!

My girl could identify almost all the animals, with her favourite being.. "ZEBRAS!!!!" she shouted excitedly, "MUMMMEEEE, SEEEEE, Zebras!!!!"

After the ride, we stopped by one of the food courts for lunch before going on to have fun at the Waterpark, a nice water playground with many slides.

Slides at the Waterpark, suitable for both children..
..and adults!

The hubby loved the almost 4-storey-high slide, which was definitely meant for adults or older children. Being 2 months pregnant, of course I could not take on the high-impact slides (*boo*) but that did not stop me from joining my girl on the baby slides!

At the top of the slide before going down
Having fun sliding down the slides again and again!

I was so proud of my girl for bravely going down the slides on her own after much encouragement from us. We had a blast! =)

When it got late, we washed up and moved on to the Funzone, where there were rides for the whole family!

Climbing Cars for little kids
She was so tired after swimming but couldn't pass this up
Jungle Cruise
Where we were supposed to see interesting animals but we only saw one. Perhaps they were all asleep..
Flume Ride

I could only watch with envy while the hubby and his brother got on the Flume Ride and had a splashing good time! There was almost no one in the queues for any of the rides perhaps because it was an off-peak period.

Our last stop was the Fresh Water Aquarium.

Beautiful fish in their tanks

We were there to see the Pirahna feeding, which was really disappointing because the fish didn't attack the food like we had hoped. Perhaps it was because the prey wasn't alive and struggling.. definitely not worth waiting for it.

Overall, the Bali Safari Park has everything you would want in a zoo: animals, shows, water playgrounds, aquariums and even roller coaster rides! While I had a great time, incorporating everything and anything probably caused the Park to lose its focus, which really should be about the animals (which in my opinion weren't many). Nevertheless, if you are looking for a place that will keep your child entertained all day, this is definitely a place to go! =)

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