Monday 16 September 2013

A Day Out to Health Promotion Board & ToofDoctor

My girl's school was closed last week on Teacher's Day as the principal was bringing all the teachers for a little retreat (they fully deserve it!), so I took leave to spend quality time with my girl.

I wanted to bring her somewhere nearby that had a playground, won't be crawling with millions of kids and relatively cheap. Straight away, the Health Zone at the Health Promotion Board came to mind! It was nearby and the entrance fees were only $3/adult and $1.50/child, pretty reasonable I thought.

It turned out to be more fun than I had expected.

Fun games and rock-climbing
Test your strength!
Exercise bicycles for adults to exercise while the kids played
How fast can you climb the stairs?
Super huge set of teeth!
Don't forget to take care of your emotional health too!

It was really educational and we all had fun but my girl was still most interested in the playground, where she spent most of the morning until it was time for lunch.

After lunch, I brought my girl for her dental appointment at ToofDoctor (Cantonment). Her dentist patiently explained to her how the different tools worked and cleaned her teeth while she took it all like a champ!

Letting her touch the tools so that she won't be afraid of them
The dentist cleaning her teeth

I credit her awesome performance to her previous visit to the dentist and the Dora book on how Dora had an enjoyable experience at the dentist.

She was so proud of herself for being so brave! That's my girl =)

I had an awesome day with my girl, which I truly treasure because as a full-time working mother, this does not happen very often =)


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