Sunday 5 January 2014

My Must-Have Tools for Breastfeeding

I think I mention the superpowers of kick-ass breastfeeding equipment every time I talk about successful breastfeeding (you can read more about it here and here). Now that I'm breastfeeding again, I'm also once again reliant on my superpower tools.

And since so many of my friends are going to be first-time mums (congrats you guys!) and have been asking me for advice on what to buy in preparation for the arrival of the baby, here are my "can't-survive-without" things you must buy to aid your breastfeeding efforts! =)


[1] Nipple Care Cream

When I had my girl, it took me quite a while to learn the correct latch-on position as I was so new to it. That resulted in a lot of cuts and bruises on my nipples, which were so painful that I nearly gave up on full breastfeeding. However, I remembered reading somewhere that nipple creams can help so I told the hubby to bring one for me. With the help of lactation consultants (for the right latch-on positions) and my nipple cream, I managed to fully breastfeed my girl.

No matter how well you latch the baby, it's inevitable that there will still be some soreness in the beginning. Thankfully the pain only lasts for 1-2 months at the most, after which it usually doesn't hurt any more. As I had found the nipple cream helpful, it was the first thing I packed into my delivery bag!

Pigeon Nipple Care Cream

Did You Know? Nipple creams can be used as a lip balm for your lips! Just think about it, if it's safe for your baby lips then it is definitely safe for your lips. You can also apply it to any dry areas of your skin such as cracked heels or blistered toes!

Now you know what to do with your half-used tube of nipple cream! Don't throw them away like I did.

[2] Breast Pump

The new Pigeon Breast Pump Pro

Invest in an electrical one! And if you can afford it, get the double pump. A good breast pump will be your best friend throughout your breastfeeding journey!

[3] Multi-Function Steriliser & Tongs

Pigeon Multi-Function Sterilizer
Tongs help you to pick up the bottles, etc when it's still hot

I usually like to sterilise my pump parts and bottles after expressing to ensure cleanliness, and this can happen like 8-10 times a day (and at night)! Hence, an efficient steriliser is important. I'll just pop everything in, press a button and it's ready in 5 minutes. A multi-function steriliser that can also warm milk and food is an added bonus! =)

[4] Breast Milk Containers & Storage Bags

Pigeon 150ml Breastmilk Storage Bottles
Pigeon Breastmilk Storage Bags

These are important if:
1) you are away from your baby (e.g. when you return to work or are going overseas without the baby)
2) you have extra breast milk to store

I usually use storage bottles for storing milk in the fridge temporarily but storage bags for more long term storage of milk in the freezer (can be kept up to 3 months) as bags are more compact. The caregiver of your baby can then thaw the breast milk and feed it to your baby when you are not at home. That's how I survived all my overseas trips without the baby.

[5] Breast Pads

Pigeon Disposable Breast Pads

I never leave the house without a pair in my bra. Why? Because breasts leak milk. Enough said =)

[6] Nursing Covers

When I first started breastfeeding, I was so focused on latching and finding nursing rooms that I didn't discover the beauty of a nursing cover until my sister bought one for me. Get one that is versatile and can be used as a nursing cover, a blanket for the baby and even a cover for the stroller =)

[7] Nursing Wear

Nursing tops that can also double as pregnancy wear

Nursing tops can help you feed your baby under a nursing cover any time, anywhere! I love the convenience.

[8] Enormous Water Bottle

My huge 1.5 litres pink water bottle

Keep one of these beside your bed and drink after every feed because breastfeeding will dehydrate you. I can finish at least 3 litres a day (not including other sources of liquids)!

What are your breastfeeding must-haves? Do share! =)

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Disclosure: Complimentary 1-year sponsorship of mother and baby products were received from Pigeon Singapore for the purposes of this blog post feature. No monetary compensation was received; all text and opinions are my own.
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