Friday 28 March 2014

HK Day 3: Tim Ho Wan, Roasted Goose & Lady's Market

We spent the whole morning back in the pool, well, because we loved it! =)

Beautiful windy morning
Grandma forgot her swim suit but managed to secretly join us in the hot tub

After a great soak in the warm waters, we headed out to the IFC Mall to try the popular Tim Ho Wan 添好運 that we have heard so much about. To get there, take the MTR from Mong Kok Station to Central Station, and exit via Hong Kong Station located beside Central Station (if you exit via Central Station, just go on the overhead bridge and follow the signs or ask around).

Stopping to buy a snack to eat along the way
We went via the overhead bridge and managed to find the entrance to IFC Mall with the help of a kind security guard

People in Hong Kong were really helpful. We managed to find the place with ease because along the way, there was always someone who asked us if we needed help (we must have looked really lost *laughs*).

Tim Ho Wan @ IFC Mall Level 1
(Opening hours: 9am-9pm daily)

A crowd had already gathered by the time we arrived. We squeezed to the front of the crowd and got a queue number and order form from the staff at the counter. And we were really lucky as for some reason, everyone in front of us did not have their full party with them (the restaurant only seats you when everyone in your group has arrived) so we only waited for 30 minutes for an available table.

Be prepared to share your table and squeeze though as the staff would try to seat as many people in the tiny restaurant as they could. The food was served quite quickly and after just one bite into the pork bun, I was rather convinced that this was definitely worth the wait! =)

Clockwise from left: My half-eaten pork bun (sorry about that); 3 famous pork buns served in a row...;
One serving of siew mai (steamed pork dumplings)
What's dim sum without har gow (prawn dumplings)? These were to die for!
Clockwise from left: Ma Lai Gou (Cantonese steamed brown sugar sponge cake) was incredibly soft and fluffy! Loved it!;
Spring rolls were crunchy and well.. "springy"!
Simply loved the Guai Fa Gou (osmanthus jelly), which was not too sweet.

My girl was taking a nap so we had a peaceful lunch with no disturbance. Probably made everything taste that much better too! =P

We took away the Ma Lai Gou & 8 pieces of har gow for her to eat when she woke up. Even when it was no longer hot, both were still good to eat and my girl finished every single bite!

We stopped by a nursing room (see my review here) for my usual expressing (I think Mum-in-law realised then it might have been more time-saving and convenient to bring the baby.. time-saving, maybe. Convenient, I don't think so!).

Once I was done, we shopped around IFC Mall for a while before proceeding back to Mong Kok. We continued shopping till we were too tired to continue and returned to the hotel for a short break.

We went back out again to look for Chan Kee Restaurant, which was famous for its roasted goose!

If you're trying to get there from Royal Plaza Hotel or Grand Century Place (like we did), walk through the bus terminal and across the overhead bridge (see photo below) till you arrive at Argyle Street.

Overhead bridge
Argyle Street

Walk straight ahead until Reclamation Road and you should see the restaurant on your left. If you passed by H&M @ Langham, you're on the right track (you may want to take a screenshot of google maps like I did so that it's easier to find your way).

Chan Kee Roasted Goose Restaurant
Look at all the roasted goose, yum!

I have to say that although I'm neither a duck or goose meat lover, this was a really tasty meal =)

Roasted goose & char siew (bbq pork)
House speciality fried rice

If you don't want to eat at the restaurant, maybe you can consider buying the roasted goose from the nearby streetside stalls instead. Looked really good to me =)

One of the neighbouring streetside stalls selling assorted meat

After a very full dinner, we decided to explore Hong Kong's famous Lady's Market located at Tung Choi Street.

Shopping at Lady's Market

The narrow lane was filled with so many people and goods for sale that we had a hard time browsing the wares. Things were also more expensive than Bangkok (which we will be visiting soon) so we ended up not buying anything. The lane also seemed to go on forever! We gave up after walking for just 30 minutes as I was carrying my 17kg girl in the Ergobaby carrier and my back and legs were screaming for relief! *gasp*

Can't believe we will be going home tomorrow! There are still so many restaurants I have yet to try! Oh well, there's still next year right? *laughs*

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