Saturday 29 March 2014

HK Day 4: Fa Yuen Street Market & the Airport Express

We can't believe that it was time for us to go home! But before we did that, we need to have one more bowl of the porridge my Mum-in-law loves at Fa Yuen Street Market.

The food critic says "thumbs up!"
The honey lemon drink here is awesome too so don't forget to order some to go with your porridge :)

After breakfast, it was time for us to check out and head for the airport. We deliberated and finally decided to try taking the Airport Express to the airport instead of the usual cab (wanted to see if it was cheaper).

We took the free shuttle bus, K5, which would take us from Royal Plaza Hotel to Kowloon Station (one of the stations on the Airport Express line).

Free shuttle bus K5
On the bus, which has special shelves for luggages

The journey only took 15-20 minutes. On arrival, proceed to the counters to check-in your luggage so that you don't have to travel with them on the train (note that this must be done at least 90 minutes before your flight departure time)!

Kowloon Station
In-town Check In Service provided by Hong Kong airport

After checking in our big blue luggage, we proceeded to board the luxurious Airport Express train directly to the airport departure hall.

Spacious & comfortable seats
Comes with speakers and sound controls so that you may enjoy the TV without disturbing others

Journey took us only 15-20 minutes! :)

As for the cost, it was actually comparable to taxi as it cost us HK$90 per adult and HK$45 per child (total HK$225); it would have cost us between HK$250-280 if we took a cab.

Nevertheless, I feel it is worth travelling by the Airport Express if:
1) You stay near Hong Kong Station (it's only 24 minutes to the airport)
2) Your group consists of 2 persons or less
3) Your group consists of 5 persons - too many to fit into one cab but too expensive to travel by two

We are considering staying at a hotel at Hong Kong Station the next time we go to Hong Kong again so that it is easier and faster from the airport and back.

On arrival at the airport, we had our lunch, bought some magazines and that was it. We boarded our SQ flight back, but it was delayed. It was our first time on board an A380! =)

Cheap thrill. Never seen stairs on a plane before!
We had Haagen Dazs for dessert!! I ate half of my girl's as she is not allowed to have too much chocolate.. yums!

The mum-in-law wished that it was a longer trip but I was glad to be reunited with my baby, who was more than happy to see me.

This will not be the last time we visit Hong Kong anyway.. till next time! =)

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