Thursday 3 April 2014

Kid-Friendly Cupcake Baking

I totally suck at creating food that people can eat so I had this grand idea of training my girl to cook so that she can be the chef of our family (*laughs*).

Anyway, I was thinking of ways to occupy her during the weekends when I remembered that I had promised her to bake cupcakes. Following the recipe from one of our Dora Magazines, I went to the nearby supermarket and got the ingredients.

Mixing the butter and sugar in the mixing bowl
She needed a little help with this so I jumped in to help mix it more evenly
Sieving the flour

This girl got so impatient with sieving the flour, she poured about 30% of it into the bowl without sieving it! *gasp* 

Next we added Milo powder (replaced cacao powder) and vanilla essence and stirred them all evenly together.

Helping to scope the mixture into the cupcake holders (have no idea what they are called)
All ready to put in our Philips Air-fryer to bake!
The girl with her finished product!
(Note: Frosting was supposed to top the cupcake together with the strawberries but I omitted it. Too sweet.)

The cupcakes were a little hard (I think due to the flour that was not sieved properly!) and we may have over-baked it a little. Even though no one wanted to eat them (including the girl!), I ate most of them because 1) I'm her Mummy, showing support is part of my job; and 2) Some tasted not too bad actually (probably those with properly sieved flour..).

We're thinking of doing mini cakes next.. wish us luck! =)
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