Sunday 20 April 2014

Jumpboard at Pilates Fitness

We really enjoyed attending the prenatal Pilates classes when I was pregnant with Baby Boy, so it was natural for me to continue with Pilates after I've given birth. Although I've already lost 16 of the 23kg I gained during pregnancy (that is another story), I still had more to lose!

So off I went to Pilates Fitness and tried out Pilates Reformer for "normal" folks for the first time! =)

"Where.. did.. my.. muscles.. go..??" I grunted, as I pulled the strap on the Reformer. My abs (or the semblance of it) must have magically disappeared as soon as baby ballooned in my tummy.

"Not the same as Prenatal huh?" my instructor smiled. I nodded. "Yes.. tougher!"

Nevertheless I started to get better at the exercises after a few classes of Core & Body Aches and Weight Loss. Just to note that the former is less intense than the latter so Pilates Fitness recommends going for a few classes of the former before joining the latter.

Pilates Fitness encouraged me to try out their Jumpboard and AbsBurn classes next, which you can join after completing at least 5 classes of Core & Body Aches and/or Weight Loss.

The word AbsBurn really scared the hell out of me (still do!) as I really don't think I have any left after the pregnancies and deliveries so I decided to try Jumpboard even though I had absolutely no idea how you could "jump" on the Reformer.

Just in case you are clueless (like I was), I have indicated what Jumpboard and Reformer are in the photo=)

We did some basic warm ups before lying down on the carriage of the Reformer and placing our feet on the Jumpboard. I had no idea what to expect except that we were supposed to "jump" in this position.

Our legs in Table-top Position
(I'm using Pilates-talk so that you don't get alarmed like I did by all the new terms never heard of before till now!)
Jumpboard class

In case you still can't picture how it is done, here's a video of me (don't laugh!) taken by one of the Pilates Fitness staff.

I love how you can get a full body workout without harming your knees like running (and even real jumping) does. Although Pilates really pushes your body physically, it does not cause you to go breathless like how running does to me (if you're a long time reader of my blog, you would know how much I hate running*laughs*). It also helps that your trainers are there to motivate you to keep at it (unlike running.. did I mention I hate running?)!

Of course we do more than just jump during the class. We also work on our arms and abs with various props like poles and rings (officially called the Fitness Circle).

Working on our arms

I'm really happy that I've finally found an exercise besides swimming and cycling that I actually enjoy doing (albeit more expensive)! You can try it too =)

Pilates Fitness Packages:
1) 6 Days Trial 
Validity: 6 days
Cost: S$59

2) 25 classes + 4 FREE AbsBurn classes
Validity: 6 months
Cost: S$1075

(Note: You are able to share selected packages with your friends if you find that some of the packages are out of your budget; there is no limit to the number of people sharing the package but each person has to pay a Joining Fee of $40 each.)

Pilates Fitness Locations:
1) 434, Telok Blangah Road, Singapore 098854
2) 85A, Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555981

I usually go to the former. You may check out the class schedules at both locations for a better idea of how it fits into your schedule.


Pilates Fitness will be giving away 1 FREE Pilates class worth S$49 to ALL my readers!

Here's how to claim your free class:
1) Quote "MadPsychMum" when you call Pilates Fitness at +65 9184 7622 or email them at
2) Email me at madsketcha[at]gmail[dot]com with the following details:
- first name
- last name
- email address
- mobile number

Your personal details are solely for us to arrange your class for you. Don't worry, Pilates Fitness does not believe in hard selling and I can testify to that as I've never seen it in all the time that I was there =)

Terms and Conditions of this giveaway:
a) This giveaway ends on 30th June 2014 (Mon) and is only for first time customers of Pilates Fitness.
b) The free Pilates class consists of 30 minutes reformer introduction + 55 minutes of Weight Loss OR Core & Body Aches class only


Check out Pilates Fitness and Pilates Fitness Facebook Page for more information on the types of Pilates classes and packages that they offer =)

Disclosure: Complimentary Pilates classes were received from Pilates Fitness for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all text and opinions are my own.
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