Sunday 18 May 2014

Sydney Day 8: Flight Back & My Reflections

It was the morning of our flight back to Singapore; our adventures in Sydney had come to an end =(

As our flight was early on a Sunday morning, we all woke up at 5.30am to do some final packing and prepare to return the house back to its owners. I had bathed and dressed my girl the night before so that she was ready once we were ready to leave for the airport.

We agreed that the hubby would drop half of our entourage and most of our luggage at the airport first before returning the car to the car rental shop (so that there wouldn't be so many bags to carry when we take the car rental shuttle van to the airport).

Because we had so much luggage, we had to pay AUD$4 to rent a luggage trolley.

Luggage trolley for hire

The brother thought that it was very expensive for something that should have been provided for free by the airport (we do pay airport tax, don't we?). Plus the wheels weren't lubricated so it was quite a pain to push.

Guess we're all really spoilt by our Singapore Changi Airport, who provides the biggest and smoothest trolley for all to use for free =)

The brother's Singapore Airlines flight was earlier so he checked in first. While waiting for the Scoot counters to be opened for check in, we had our breakfast at the nearby food court.

Ordered a large plate of yummy pancakes! *licks lips*
We must be really hungry =)

Finally it was time for us to check in and we didn't have to queue very long because we were flying Business Class. However, I was held up (as expected) at the security check as I had to explain to the customs officer that the packets of yellowish white liquid in my Pigeon cooler bag are breast milk. After checking that I had a child with me and making me throw out 2 of my ice packs (thankfully the cheap ones and not the ones that came with my cooler bag, which remained hidden from sight), I was allowed to clear security. *whew*

By the time we arrived at the boarding gate, the girl was so exhausted that she simply fell asleep on the trolley (they didn't allow us to check in our stroller at the gate)!

It's good to have a child that can sleep anywhere

We thank God for a safe journey back to Singapore, with minimal turbulence. Definitely one of my girl's most memorable trips as she kept clamouring to go back *laughs*

My Reflections
As usual, I had to note down my first impressions as a first time visitor to Sydney, Australia.

Firstly, if you're planning to cook in order to save some money and have more than 4 in your group, staying at an apartment was definitely more worthwhile than the hotel. If not, then I would suggest that you stay at an hotel, which may be less of a hassle.

Secondly, the parking in the city is crazily expensive! We never thought that there would be parking that could be more expensive than Singapore but evidently we were wrong. However, if you travelled out of the city, parking was mostly free, which was awesome =)

If you're expressing or bringing a baby with you, you'll be happy to know that most malls and public places have very nice nursing rooms! Most places we visited were also stroller/wheelchair friendly so that was great.

Sydney was both urban and scenic, depending where you are. On hindsight, I definitely should not have attempted to cram so many destinations into our itinerary (especially for the first few days). But well what's done is done.

Hopefully we'll be back again to visit the places that we missed: Sea Cliff Bridge at Grand Pacific Drive, Palm Beach and Hunter's Valley!

Until then, we had an awesome time while it lasted. Thankful to God for the awesome weather, journey mercies and wonderful bonding with my family =)

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