Sunday 11 January 2015

Finding The One

Infographics have been taking the world by storm, with more and more people learning to convey complicated information to their audiences in simple, visual formats.

As part of my work as a researcher, I'm constantly challenged to come up with better and more efficient ways of presenting our research findings. Thought I will kill 2 birds with 1 stone and practice my skills on Piktochart by coming up with infographics for this blog! *grin*

Introducing my first ever infographic on a very important topic that I've had long conversations about with a number of friends, who always ask me how I knew the hubby was the one at just 23 years old (the age I said yes to the hubby's marriage proposal).

How do you know that the person that you're dating is The One you should be marrying?

Summary of a Sermon by Rick Warren
(Listen to the whole sermon here)

So should you have conversations with your girlfriend/boyfriend about whether to have kids or not? How the money is being kept/spent? Whose parents to live with?

The answer is a yes!

Sometimes these can be deal breakers for certain people so being truthful and upfront about it can save you a lot of heartbreaks in future. For instance, if one really wants kids and the other refuses, how can that marriage work? More often than not, it can't.

Think and choose carefully.. =)

P.S: Look out for more infographics coming your way! I enjoyed coming up with this so much, I'll be developing a whole new blog series using it! Watch this space =)
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