Wednesday 29 April 2015

First Snow Experience at Snow City

The kids, not mine of course (mine was Switzerland and then later at Hokkaido). As they will be heading to Melbourne this week and later to Tokyo for Christmas, I thought it would be good to see how they will react in a cold environment. And the only place that kids get to see actual snow is Snow City. It took many attempts over a period of 12 months (or so) before I finally succeeded in balloting for my organisation's corporate pass! =)

Snow City
(Located beside the Singapore Science Centre in Jurong East)

The corporate pass allowed 4 persons (adult/child) to enter for free and it comes with complimentary rental of their winter jackets and boots. I paid additional for waterproof pants as well so that our pants will not be wet. As for the hats, gloves and socks, you can either rent, buy or bring your own (we brought our own).

Our first stop was to collect our rental stuff and change before putting our valuables into the lockers. The locker is a little bit complicated to navigate, costs a minimum of $2 and cannot be opened without paying again once you've locked it. A bit expensive in my opinion.

Kids in their boots playing with the lockers

It took us nearly 30 minutes just to dress 1 toddler, 1 preschooler and 2 adults! The layers and layers of clothes we had to pile on them. So maybe I kind of can understand why some people don't like winter and snow. Kinda. *laughs*

Finally we're ready, almost
(hats and gloves were adorned in the snow chamber)
This way to the Snow Chamber

Photography from here onwards (i.e. inside the Snow Chamber) is not allowed (most cameras cannot survive in the freezing temperatures anyway).

However, I'm not one to follow rules strictly when it comes to photography and besides, I have an Olympus Tough which functioned just fine in freezing temperatures. Plus, it's also not like I didn't attempt to buy the photos that the official photographer took of us. I did but we couldn't find the photos because they got our numbers mixed up. Luckily I took my own otherwise I got nothing to show the kids in future =P

Mum and girl with a slightly outdated backdrop just before entering the Snow Chamber
Selfie with Baby Boy in the freezing cold
Mum helping my girl to wear her gloves
(Girl didn't need a hat as she is just like her daddy in that, both of them love the cold)

There are two chambers within the Snow Chamber also aptly described as Ice and Snow respectively. The Ice Chamber featured a display of ice sculptures and an ice slide. My girl absolutely loves the ice slide and refused to stop once she started. Adults were allowed on the slide too so I got to go a few times. Really fun!

Posing with one of the ice sculptures
(It was dinosaur themed when we were there)

The snow chamber consists of snow sculptures, slides made of snow and a large hill for snow tubing! I made my girl go snow tubing with me and she was so freaked out that she kept crying after that. To be fair, the slopes were very slippery and we went down super, duper fast! Was super fun to me though.

Girl on the other hand, preferred the gentler slides for kids.

Sliding down the slide made of snow
She had a lot of fun sliding down again and again!

Baby Boy was whining the whole time we were inside (probably because he didn't like the cold) so I tried to get him to slide down the slide for fun. He hated it and in my fluster I slipped on the ice and fell on my butt with Baby Boy in my arms! *ouch*

Baby Boy also hit his head on mine and caused a huge bruise at the side of my head (which remained for at least a week! =S). Of course that made Baby Boy cry even harder and we had to leave the Snow Chamber. This was not working out for him at all.

In the end my mum had to stay outside with him so that he can take his nap (probably exhausted from all the hoo-ha) while I continued to play with my girl inside. Well, at least one of us is having fun!

All in all, most of us enjoyed Snow City. Just don't bring a baby. It is more work than it is worth in my opinion hah.


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