Monday 27 April 2015

If I Were a Time Traveller.. (Blog Train)

I've been reminiscing about the past a lot lately. As I watched my kids playing with each other, I realised that my babies are not babies any more! If only I can travel back in time and hold them in one arm and smell their newborn head, even if for only a day, how wonderful would that be?

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So for 20 days in May, 20 of us from Singapore Mom Bloggers will be sharing when and where they would like to go back in time, if they were a time traveller!

Week 1

5 May 2015
"I don’t need to be a time-traveller after all!"
~~ Yanxiang, The Littlest and Us Makes Three

6 May 2015
"I would totally go back and relive the hard parts so I could find the joy in them the second time around"
~~ Danessa, Prayerfull Mum

7 May 2015
"I would travel, travel and travel.."
~~ Rachael, JahBella

8 May 2015
"I want to go back to the years when I was in Primary School"
~~ Jiahui, Mumseword

Week 2

11 May 2015
"(to) that day (when) my mother was giving birth to me, without epidural!"
~~ Ting, Miracule

14 May 2015
"I want to go back in time to learn one thing properly before the children arrived: photography! As I was looking at the photos and videos that I took when they were babies, I was disappointed that many photos were blurred or the lighting was horrible."
~~ Waiwai, PeiPei.HaoHao

15 May 2015
"It would be really nice to be able to go back in time to the period in time when I was a university student."
~~ Dominique, Dominique's Desk

Week 3

18 May 2015
"If I could travel back in time to the day I took my O'level results and searched for my career path, I would have chosen Early Childhood in a heartbeat."
~~ Nadia, Itchy Fingers Snap

19 May 2015
"If I can go back in time, I would go back to the moments where we are told about Dad and Mum's medical conditions on both occasions, whisper into the ears of my back-then Me telling Me to spend more time with them, to hint to Me the date of their departure and make Me spend time with them and never leave their side so that I can be there when they finally leave, to let them know that they are not alone, I am there."
~~ Jennifer, Dinomama 

20 May 2015
"But you know, I wouldn't want to travel back in time, even if someone gave me a million dollars. Without being what I am, without going through what I had gone through, I would not be on the life path that I am on now. My life may not be perfect, but it fits me just fine."
~~ Winnie, Toddly Mummy 

21 May 2015
"These are many memories that I would love to go back and rejoice the moments again. If I were to only choose one, it would be my childhood days."
~~ Jolin, The Js Arena 

22 May 2015
"No one would want to lose a loved one and I wished my mother was here with us now, finding pleasure in becoming nana. Having said that, I wouldn't go back in time to alter the path that was laid for her. What I want from this time travelling privilege is, to watch her life on the sideline."
~~ May, A Million Little Echoes 

Week 4

25 May 2015
"If I could travel back in time, there are 2 things I would do: 1) Spend more time with my parents, pre-kids (and) 2) Travel, travel, travel"
~~ Shermeen, Meeningfully 

26 May 2015
"I would certainly want to re-live that moment again when he shouted into me ear, "I really like you!" And I reply with a "Me too!" as we look at each other and gave the biggest smile we had for a long time."
~~ Jacqualine, Hello Mrs Tan 

27 May 2015
"I just take this chance to time travel back to our once-a-life-time crazy countries hopping mini expedition (where) we spent $1.2k to travel to 4 other countries in 24 hours... on 11.11.11."
~~ Ashlyn, Ashlyn Thia 

28 May 2015
"I would still go back to the less than perfect childhood I had because I had received something far more precious. I savoured the joy of my salvation in Christ Jesus."
~~ Angelia, Growing Hearts 123 

29 May 2015
"Anyone who knows me well, will tell you that I loved our time in Paris. Three years there as newly-weds, exploring the capital of love, culture and gourmet food. Sounds like a dream and it certainly was!"
~~ Karen Grosse, A Mummy in Transit

30 May 2015
"If I could travel back in time, I want to go back to just after the birth of my girl (yes after! I'm NOT going to go through labour again! *laughs*)."
~~ Madeline (me!), MadPsychMum 

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Which year of your life will you go back to if you were a time traveller? Let us know in the comments! =)

P.S: If you're a different kind of traveller (like I am), check out my Travel Page for my travel itineraries of our journey around the world! =)

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