Saturday 30 May 2015

If I Were a Time Traveller, I'll Go Back to 2010


Baby girl, when she was just one hour old!

This was the very inspiration for this blog post and the whole blog train for that matter.

You see, when you are a new mum, you've got a lot to learn about your baby. You're struggling with breastfeeding for the first time, learning how to cope with waking up every 1.5 hours to feed a very hungry baby, searching Google at 3am to make sure that you are doing the right thing and at the same time, having to deal with critical albeit well-meaning relatives who question your every decision.

Added to the fact that your body has to cope with pain from a contracting uterus, stitches either on you-know-where or on the tummy, sore muscles from all the pushing or operation (or both!), sore nipples, engorgement that could hurt more than the birth itself (true story for a friend of mine!)... you've got virtually no time, energy or brain space to appreciate the cute and very tiny little human being that is your newborn baby.

A very tired new mum holding her five day old Baby Girl
(whom she can still carry with ONE hand!)

It was only when things have stabilised after a few months (which was also when I felt confident enough as a mother to start this blog) that I realised, oh my goodness! My baby is not tiny any more!!! =(

The breast milk that Baby Girl drank every 1.5 hours soon showed on her body:
Chubby baby girl at 2 months old (left)
Baby girl was already 10kg at 6 months old! More than 97 percentile in weight! *laughs* (right)
Baby girl is now not a baby anymore! She is a 4.5 year old big sister with long hair and princess fantasies! =)
(Yes, she is wearing kids makeup in the photo on the left. She loves wearing makeup!!)

How fast time flies! =(

Hence, if I could travel back in time, I want to go back to just after the birth of my girl (yes after! I'm NOT going to go through labour again! *laughs*).

Three day old Baby Girl on her first day at home after returning from the hospital

I will do the things that I had wanted to do but didn't such as:
  • Invest in a good camera to take nicer pictures of my baby girl
  • Take more pictures of me in the delivery suite and after birth (at the time I was too self-conscious and totally regretted it!)
  • Take pictures of me breastfeeding my girl
  • Start this blog earlier so that my struggles with my baby girl in the early days can be documented 
As you can see, photos were my biggest regret!

Unfortunately, I can't travel back in time. But luckily for me, there is always Baby #2 to do a do-over! *grin*

Our Christmas present, a beautiful Baby Boy who was just 1 day old in this picture
Photo of a very tired out me, something I had refused to take when I was a new mum. Now, I'm flabby and proud! =)

With a much better camera (i.e. the Olympus OMD), I was able to take beautiful infant photos of my baby. I also took many photos of me breastfeeding, something I never dared to do when I was breastfeeding my girl (sadly -_-), and got to document my breastfeeding journey on this blog =)

Mini photo shoot at home when Baby Boy was just 2-3 weeks old
With the extremely doting sister who treats him like her doll...
(and he looks just like one!)
Now that Baby Boy is 17 months old and have stopped breastfeeding, I really miss those days when he was tiny and completely dependent on me.

See how he grew into his car seat! Doesn't even look like the same baby!

If I had a chance to, I'll definitely go back to when he was a newborn and relive the days when he was small enough to carry with one arm. And nursing! Sigh. I do miss it though I'm also enjoying my freedom haha.

My kids are growing up so fast (take a look at their month by month changes) that I think even if I can travel back in time, I won't be able to catch up! *laughs*

It was fun to reminisce the past and also go on this journey with the other mums. Thanks for journeying with us so far. I hope you've had as much fun as I did =)

This post is part of a Time Travelling Blog Train hosted by me! =)
Check back everyday to find out where other mothers would go if they could travel back in time!

P.S: If you're a different kind of traveller (like I am), check out my Travel Page for my travel itineraries of our journey around the world! =)
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