Friday 12 June 2015

My Lassig Diaper Backpack

I have used a number of diaper bags in the 5 short years as a mother of two babies:
  • A sling bag that once you've put all your baby stuff in it, it becomes too heavy to carry (be warned that you might walk with one bad shoulder though technically you can balance it by carrying your baby on the other side). It's also so big that half the time is spent trying to rummage through the bag just to find a pacifier while the baby is screaming. 
  • A shoulder bag that has so many pockets that I end up having to crack my memory-deficit brain on where I last put the baby's wet wipes. "Wait a minute, so there's where I put the safety pin!"
  • An ordinary backpack that solves the problem of sprained shoulders by distributing the weight evenly on my shoulders but does not help me when I'm trying to take care of my baby.

I've been searching around for a good backpack and finally found the Lassig Backpack Ethno Sand that is pretty yet very practical. It is my favourite diaper bag so far and I have been happily using it all the time ever since I got it! =)

Lassig Backpack Ethno Sand
(Comes with everything in this photo except the milk bottle, water bottle and milk powder container)
Look at all the awards that Lassig has won!
Left: Love the bright pink, my favourite colour, outline of the bag and straps that adds that bit of fun without looking too gaudy;
Right: Close up of the Lassig tag on the side of the front pocket
Bag also comes with two handles at the top for ease of carrying the bag with your hand as opposed to holding the shoulder straps.

The bag has two main compartments:

1) Front Pocket

Roomy front pocket with smaller pocket inside to put smalls
Comes with an attached clip-on ring (removable) for putting your house keys so that you won't have to rummage through your entire bag to find them. Personally love this feature!

2) Main Compartment

Bright orange inside with a lot of pockets to organise your baby stuff. Sits well with the OCD in me =)

There's even a wet-bag compartment (zipped portion in the photo above) for putting wet things as it is waterproof! It's a bit small though so I suggest using it only in emergencies (which frankly with a baby, there're plenty of that!).

A special pocket with a hole for putting tissue/wet tissue
Just roomy enough to squeeze a milk bottle, milk powder and water bottle in it

I liked that the bag came with matching milk bottle warmer, diaper changing mat and pouch. The bottle warmer and pouch have hooks/keyring that allow you to clip them to a black keyring attached in the top left corner of the main compartment (see photo above). That way you can keep the warmer in an upright position and won't have to dig for your pouch. I thought it was ingenious!

Bottle warmer that is definitely tall enough for Baby Boy's small Pigeon milk bottle
The very pretty diaper changing mat that folds up nicely
How it looks like fully opened up
The pouch which I use to put medicine such as panadol, charcoal, flu meds, etc (yes for the adults not the kids!)

And the best part of this bag that I hardly see in other diaper bags? Stroller straps! Cool right? =)

The bag also comes with two black straps that allow you to hook onto a stroller (especially those with bar handles).
The straps can be conveniently hooked onto the black keyring inside the bag when not in use (a place for everything, perfect for the OCD me! Hehe)
Hanging my bag on my Baby Jogger City Select Stroller. Makes it easy for me to get what I need from the bag without bending down.

The Lassig Backpack Ethno Sands retails for S$185 but I know of some online stores that sell it for S$150. It's pricey but with all its features, I personally think it is quite value for money (still cheaper than my first diaper bag from LeSportsac which cost me $240). You get what you pay for =)

I go literally everywhere with it. Thank you Lassig for such a useful bag! =)

Disclosure: Complimentary backpack was received from Lassig for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.
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