Saturday 13 June 2015

Baby Boy's Baby Dedication

This day, 13 June 2015, we dedicate our precious Baby Boy to the Lord. Just as we had dedicated his sister four years ago,

We don't practise infant baptism in our church; instead we dedicate our babies to God, following the example of many parents who did the same in the Bible such as Hannah, Mary & Joseph, etc. We dedicate our baby to God for His work and His purpose.

His cute baby face flashed on the screen, along with the other babies
I think he was quite intimidated by the crowd, refused to look behind him
"What's happening? Why so many people?"

I believe God has great plans for my smiley boy (although he looks really cranky here).

Baby Dedication

Baby Boy, may you grow up in the fear of God and having great favour with men. May you be a strong giant of faith, who loves God wholeheartedly and loves people fervently. God has great plans for you, be strong and of good courage. You will do awesome things for God! Mama and Dada loves you very much! =)
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