Tuesday 24 November 2015

Pororo Park Opens in Singapore!

Despite having the flu and not feeling well two weeks ago, I brought my girl to the media preview of Pororo Park (a few days before the grand opening) so that she can be one of the first to check it out. My girl loves Pororo even though she can't remember most of the names of Pororo's friends (and neither can I! Haha!). When I told her that we would be going, she beamed with excitement. I really didn't want to disappoint her.

Pororo Park Singapore
Marina Square #02-29
At the entrance, super excited to enter!

Socks are compulsory for both parent and child there so I had to buy a pair for $2.50 (reasonable I thought). The first to greet us was the Pororo Express! Girl couldn't wait to get on =)

Girl and another boy were the only ones riding the Pororo Express!
Yay! =)
A staff will follow the train to ensure the safety of all the kids

After the ride, my girl was immediately attracted to the Shark's Ball Pit, which was filled with a gazillion blue and white plastic balls.

Left: ready, aim, throw!
Right: "swimming" in a "sea"

The girl was also mesmerised by a replica of the Pororo's House!

The kid-size entrance to the Pororo's house!
 Hanging out in a kid-size living room and laying down on a kid-size bed

Everything is small and cute in the Pororo House, including the toilet! I didn't manage to get a good picture because everyone was crowding around it but trust me, it was cute!

My girl played at the play structure next and I'd have to say it was really small compared to a lot of the other indoor playgrounds that we've been to.

Play Structure
My girl having fun exploring the play structure
Soon she will be too big for this so she has better enjoy it while it lasts! I think overall she quite like it.

There was also a room for birthday parties or special activities like story-telling.

Multipurpose room that can be used to host birthday parties or enrichment classes

As with the small play structure, the toddler area was kinda tiny as well. But I suppose it's better than nothing.

Very cramped toddler corner

There's a theatre at the back where kids can watch their favorite Pororo characters perform at certain times of the day (find out the show times and visit during those times so that your kids can catch the show).

A theatre in a castle!

We arrived late so we missed the shows, although fellow parent bloggers told me that we might not have been able to enter anyway as there were so many people.

Thankfully we were still able to catch the character meet-and-greet!

Girl was so afraid of the real Pororo that she would rather take pictures with the fake one (-_-)

It took me a while but I finally managed to convince her to take pictures with (*google*) Petty!

I told my girl she is the "girl Pororo" because I don't know her name! *laughs*

On hindsight, girl probably didn't want to take pictures because she didn't see her favorite character, Loopy the beaver (we call her hamster because she really looks a bit like one! Haha). Oh well.

Too bad Baby Boy was really sick and couldn't go because he would have totally loved Pororo's house, the train ride and the toddler area.

Well, at least there was a goody bag we could bring home for him, thanks to the kind folks at Pororo Park.

Girl holding her goody bags!

She went home and the first thing she did was open one of the items in the goody bag and fix it up immediately.

A proud girl with the finished product
Close up of the pop-up stage
(cost $14+ and comes with an activity book. Can be bought at the Pororo shop at the Pororo Park)

Overall, my personal opinion is that the playground is too small (so do manage your expectation). There were also not enough places for parents to sit to watch the kids near the play structure or Pororo's House (most of us were standing around awkwardly while watching out for our kids). The entry fee was also quite pricey (higher than most indoor playgrounds) and it didn't cover unlimited play. There was also a cost for accompanying adults (which is something that I don't get. Maybe it is to limit the number of adults in the park to prevent over-crowding? I don't know..). Definitely be prepared to spend about $100 if you're going with two adults and two kids and eating in their cafe or buying their merchandise.

Nevertheless, Pororo Park is still worth a visit for those of you/your kids who are hard core Pororo fans. For true fans, there is no price you can put on meeting your favorite character! (I'm a big Disney fan so I completely understand that haha).

However if your kids are not Pororo fans, I would suggest to give this a miss. Probably better to go to the free indoor playground at Marina Square or outdoor playground at Gardens by the Bay.


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Disclosure: An invitation to this media preview was received from Pororo Park Singapore for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions and text are my own.
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