Tuesday 1 December 2015

Hello Kitty in Oz at Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

I'm not the biggest fan of Hello Kitty but I do think she's cute, as are the other characters Little Twin Stars, My Melody and Bad Badz Maru (yes, I'm one of the weirdos that actually like this emo/depressed character hehe). And since my girl also likes Hello Kitty, we gladly accepted the invitation to visit Hello Kitty in Oz, a new attraction at Sanrio Hello Kitty Town.

As Sanrio Hello Kitty Town was located at Puteri Harbour, Nusajaya (just across the causeway from Singapore, near to Legoland), we had no trouble finding our way there with the help of Google Maps.

Besides Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, this building also houses Thomas Town and other popular characters

We got our wrist bands and took the lift to the 2nd floor where Hello Kitty Town was situated.

This wall outside is simply too cute to not take pictures. Which is your favourite character?
Entrance to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

Right next to the entrance was our first attraction for the day, Mini Tea Cup.

Mini Tea Cup
Left: Mini Tea Cup rules;
Right: Mum-in-law and my girl, whose excitement is written all over her face
Us taking turns to ride with the kids

The ride is quite slow hence it's suitable for young children ages 2 years old and up. We proceeded to Friendship Land next, a small playground next to the cafe.

Friendship Land
(please remove your shoes)
Putting balls into the launcher to be shot in Friendship Land

The Mini Tea Cup and Friendship Land are actually the only attractions that allow unlimited access. All other attractions can only be experienced once per visitor (a chop will be stamped on your card before every activity). Initially I thought it was really limiting, but after experiencing all the attractions (and feeling exhausted at the end of the day), I came to the realisation that once is more than enough.

Our first stamped activity was Hello Kitty's House, which is like Pororo's House, only much bigger and more pink!

Statues of Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel outside Hello Kitty's House
The first room of the house had two royal sofas in the shape of Hello Kitty, both flanking a Hello Kitty statue in the middle of the room
Entrance to the dining room
(note the very classy "stain glass" doors)
Super cute dining table and chairs
A very cool piano and TV in the dining room
Clockwise from left: Kitchen stove with adorable Hello Kitty kitchenware;
Kitchen stocked with all things Hello Kitty;
Close up of some of the kitchen items on display.
Hello Kitty's bathroom was one of my favourite rooms!
Wouldn't you want to have a bathroom like that? =)
Please take off your shoes before entering!
Girl and me having a great time in the tub!
Pretending to sleep on Hello Kitty's beds!

My girl loved the house so much that she asked to go again later that day (we managed to go twice because the guy at the door forgot to stamp our cards the first time we went)!

We checked our watch and realised that it was time for the Hello Kitty in Oz, the latest attraction in Hello Kitty Town. Do take note of the timings of this attraction as well as the character meet-and-greet and performances and make sure that you schedule them well so that you don't miss any attraction. Trust me, you won't want to miss any of it! =)

Hello Kitty in Oz
Eye-catching entrance to the attraction

We waited in the queue until we were allowed in to the holding room where a staff introduced us to the Wizard (or Witch?) Hello Kitty and the world of Oz.

Introducing us to Hello Kitty in Oz

Exploring the attraction, which has been decorated to look like Oz but with Hello Kitty characters! Very cute! =)

House of Tin Man (Tin Kitty?)
House of the Scarecrow (Scare-Keroppi?)

Each of us were given a plastic Hello Kitty doll at the entrance, which we need in order to play the games in the attraction. There are four games altogether and we only get one turn each. To play, just place the doll on the scanner (see example below) and follow the instructions of the game.

Game #1: Fan the fire to cook the corn!
(but be careful not to overcook it!)
Game #2: Chop the wood!
Game #3: Remember the Cards
Game #4: Emerald City
(press the buttons to store the alphabets in the hat while they dropped down from the top, a bit like Guitar Hero)

While we were taking on the games, Baby Boy busied himself wondering among the miniature houses that were exactly his size!

Exploring the place freely and  loving how small everything was
With the very cute, erm, strawberry royal folk *laughs*
With My Melody & Little Twin Stars

Each group gets only 20 minutes inside Hello Kitty in Oz and at the end of it, a staff will scan your dolls and print a postcard that shows you how you fared.

Clockwise from left: Scanning our dolls to see how we did;
The End counter;
Postcard with our results printed.

We were quite hungry by the time we were done with Hello Kitty in Oz so we stopped by Cinnamoroll Cafe for tea.

Cinnamoroll Cafe
Super duper cute Hello-Kitty-shaped waffles with Hello Kitty chocolate, ice-cream cone and a packet of Hello Kitty drink

The waffles were surprisingly delicious! Plus it cost only RM19 for the waffles and a packet of drink.

While we were happily eating our waffles, we missed the Meet-and-Greet with Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel!! *jaw drop*

My girl was so disappointed because she was really looking forward to meeting Dear Daniel ("I didn't know got boy Hello Kitty mummy!" she said). Hence, to ensure that we did not miss the next Meet-and-Greet with My Melody, we waited at the Dream Photo Garden (where all the character Meet-and-Greet are held).

Left: Dream Photo Garden;
Right: Photo with the very pretty My Melody
Love this photo of us with My Melody!

After the Meet-and-Greet, we gathered in front of the Purrfect Stage for the Parade!

Waiting patiently for the parade to start
Dancers and Sanrio characters parading in colourful costumes

The parade was really good! It gave us an opportunity to meet Hello Kitty, who was even sweet enough to give my girl a hug when she wanted one! =)

Left: Baby Boy saying hi to Hello Kitty;
Right: Girl hugging Hello Kitty.

After the awesome parade, we joined the queue at the Wishful Studio to participate in four Hello Kitty themed activities: 1) Costume Dress-Up, 2) Hello Kitty Craft, 3) Cookie Decorating and 4) Badge Making.

Wishful Studio
Character Dress-Up:
So happy that I managed to convince everyone to dress up. Love how my girl and I look so alike!
Hello Kitty Craft:
My girl enjoyed doing the craft herself, with some help from me.
Hello Kitty Cookie Decorating:
It was so easy to do, even the mum-in-law had fun! So pretty isn't it? Super fun! =)
Badge Making:
This was my favorite activity. We were each given a paper to colour and add our personal touch. After which a staff will make it into a badge. Very cool! =)

It is definitely worth it to spend time queuing for the activities! Try not to miss it if you can.

Hubby told me that it was the Meet-and-Greet with Bad Badz Maru, one of my favourite characters.

Even though not many people want to take photos with Bad Badz Maru, we will! =)

He may not be the most popular Sanrio character, but he resonated with me when I was an angsty teenager. He does represent all the anti-establishment teens, doesn't he?

We were going to leave because we have not had lunch but there was going to be another Hello Kitty performance in another 15 minutes and my girl begged us to let her watch it. Of course we didn't want to disappoint her!

Hello Kitty and her friends from all around the world

To be honest we thought that since the place was so small, we'd definitely be done in two hours. Boy were we wrong! By the time we left, it was 15 minutes to 4pm (we had spent almost 5 hours there!). We would have stayed on for Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel's meet-and-greet at 4pm had it not been for hubby's insistence to leave because he was famished and has had enough of pink for a day (can't say I blame him haha).

Overall, we loved Hello Kitty Town! In Hello Kitty Town, there is no lack of photo-worthy moments. Even for a so-so fan like me, I was happily posing with almost everything as they were tooo cute! It was really fun. My girl had a blast too. We'll definitely be back when Baby Boy is older to visit Hello Kitty Town again as well as Thomas Town =)

Disclosure: Complimentary entry tickets to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town was received from SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN Malaysia for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions and text are my own.
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