Monday 21 March 2016

My Mandai (Part 1): Night at the Night Safari

It had been a decade since I last visited the Night Safari and had always wanted to bring my kids to visit. We finally managed to and had a great time!

Night Safari Singapore

Our first stop was the Tram Station, where we will board the tram to see the whole park. It's a must to take the tram because certain parts of the park (e.g. giraffes, elephants, etc) are not accessible by foot.

Clockwise from left: Thankful to the Singapore Wildlife Reserves for our media passes and priority boarding on the trams;
Onwards to the tram station;
The trams are exactly the same as those in the Singapore zoo!
There's a place for you to put strollers on the tram
A family photo of us taken by a kind staff member
Wandering into the woods!
Scared Baby Boy so much that he grabbed us so tightly and refused to let go! Poor boy...

It's times like this when I wished that I had bought a lens meant for night-time photography. I couldn't capture most of the action because we can't use flash photography as the light is harmful to the animals. You'll just have to bear with whatever blurry photos I managed to take (which is still amazing already considering how pitch dark it was!).

A giraffe off into the distance
The lonesome male elephant

The tram ride was amazing! We saw a lot of animals and most of them were awake and active. It was also the first time I heard the lion roar I think! Lovely experience for the girl and I (the boys not so much -_-).

However, I did take issue with the contradiction between the conservation message we keep hearing on the tram and the booth selling printed photos of guests on the tram. Why is the Night Safari still printing physical photos when there are digital ways to display the photos nowadays? Hopefully, it was temporary.

Mum-in-law said something really true but very sad, "no one cares about conservation when there is money to be made." *sigh*

We proceeded on to explore the walking trails where we could see the animals more up close and personal =)

Zebra crossing in actual zebra stripes!

We started with the Fishing Cat Trail, which led to the Leopard Trail where we wanted to go to see the leopards. Each trail will take about 20 minutes so do be strategic because you want to be back in time for the Creatures of the Night Show.

A deer along the Fishing Cat Trail
Leopard Trail
Got up close to two leopards! So close that we could see their whiskers.
Magnificent creatures they are!
If you want something more thrilling, you can enter this Mangrove Walk with flying fruit bats everywhere.
We skipped it cos it actually looks kinda creepy :S
The very active lions pacing around and roaring to every tram that passed by. I suppose it was dinner time maybe?

We decided to walk back to the Main Entrance via the East Lodge Trail and passed by a very cool Zebra Cafe.

If you like zebras, you should probably stop by for a drink or two! =)

I found out only later that the giraffe enclosure was actually very near to the Zebra Cafe! But we had given it a miss because I had thought it was further away and we didn't have time (*sigh*).

In any case, we saw the Malayan tigers and spotted hyenas at the East Lodge Trail. Luckily for us, it was feeding time for the hyenas so we got to witness them running and fighting for their meal. Was quite a sight (I tried to video it but the enclosure was just too dark)!

The East Lodge Trail led to the Wallaby Trail where you can come up close to free-ranging wallabies. We gave that a miss because we had seen plenty of them on our trip to Melbourne last year.

We reached the Amphitheater just in time to catch the Creatures Night Show at 9.30pm.

Creatures of the Night Show

I had wanted to sit on the left of the stage (the centre was already full) but a staff member told me that the right of the stage had a better view. I trusted him and regretted that decision because we could hardly see anything! Most of the action was happening in a small nook at the left of the stage. I should have gone with my gut *sigh*

The very entertaining host of the show
Can't remember what this cute ball of fur is called but he's really cute 
Digging in the trash can for treasure

Despite the slight drizzle and our crappy seats, it was a pretty entertaining show albeit a little too short!

We ended the day catching the very entertaining Thumbuakar Show at the Entrance Courtyard. Hint, this is free because it is outside the ticketing booths so if you want a good show without paying for the tickets, you can pop by during their show times to catch it =D

Thumbuakar Show where macho guys toss, blow and eat fire!
It's so entertaining that even the hubby likes it!

Do also check out the Glow in the Dark shop where most of the merchandise glows in the dark! Very cool =)

Glow in the Dark shop

We decided to meet up with the bro-in-law and sister-in-law for supper at one of my favourite supper places in Singapore, Chomp Chomp Food Centre. One of the stalls there serve my favourite stingray that I can't eat anywhere else (I don't have a photo of it because it ended up in my stomach before I remembered to take a photo *laughs*)!

Clockwise from left: Mega-size 3 litre dispenser of suger cane juice (cost us $15.50);
Sambal muzzles;
Satay and chicken wings.

Thank God that we stay really far away from Chomp Chomp such that we'll only eat this at most once a year. Can't imagine how fat we will be otherwise! *laughs*

It was a great end to a wonderful night together! =)

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Disclosure: Media passes to the Night Safari was received from Wildlife Reserves Singapore for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions and text are my own.
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