Tuesday 15 March 2016

Playdate at Burosu Honten, Emporium Shokuhin

It's that time of our lives when meet-ups with the girlfriends have to be at a place where there is a play area to entertain our kids. As we wanted some place that is convenient and near enough to church so that we can attend service later that afternoon, we decided on Emporium Shokuhin at Marina Square.

Emporium Shokuhin

Initially I had difficulties finding this place because it was located in the newly opened extension of Marina Square, which I wasn't familiar with. I found the place eventually and realised that Emporium Shokuhin was not really one restaurant but a group of restaurants and even a supermarket specialising in Japanese produce! The girls were at Burosu Honten, a ramen restaurant, so I headed over to join them.

Burosu Honten
Pretty lantern

The unique thing about this place is that the food is actually served through a window next to the table! Interesting!

Window next to our table looks like decoration but is really where the food is served
Look, there's my food!
Can't remember which ramen I ordered but the soup was definitely pork-based (I never try any other soup base).
It was very delicious! =)

What used to be uninterrupted gatherings has now become playdates for us. The girls, the two who can talk at least, were soon grumbling for us to bring them to the play area. Not before we took some pictures as usual! =)

These two little girls are cousins because two of my BFFs married brothers! So fated ain't it? =)
(In case you're wondering, no, the young lady on the left is very much single but I'm not sure if she is still available haha)
Attempting a selfie using the mirror opposite of us

The play area is located below the escalators and quite a distance away from the restaurant. If you want to eat something while watching the kids, the nearest eatery is a small cafe located under the escalators.

According to the sign, the play area is still being developed, which explained why it looked a bit bare.

Good size play area
A TV for the kids to watch
(Currently playing the movie Minions)
Girl ignored the rest of the place and planted herself in front of the TV
Little baskets hanging on the wall
(mostly ignored by the kids)
Whiteboard and markers for expressing creativity
The kids' favourite toy were these train sets from IKEA
(everyone was fighting over it!)
Choo choo!
The girls having fun with the toys
(One was more interested in biting them than playing with them! *laughs*)
Left: Beautiful pregnant mama expecting a baby boy! (Coincidentally, the both of us had a girl before we had a boy);
Right: The sister looking at the bump, probably wondering what's inside. A ball? *laughs*
Mama and daughter in matching outfits =)

Even though our meet-ups are never the same (we can't even finish a conversation without someone exclaiming "Hey! Don't bite that!" or "Noooo!!!" or "Sit properly!!!"), I guess one thing will never change. We will never stop taking selfies.

Finale selfie before we left =)

Till our next playdate! =)
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