Saturday 12 March 2016

Disney On Ice Magical Ice Festival (Showtime!)

We were super looking forward to Disney On Ice Magical Ice Festival this year! The girl especially, who was on her best behaviour the last 2 weeks just in case I really carry out my threat and not bring her for the show.

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As usual, she was dressed as Elsa (yes again!) because, in her own words, "I don't have an Ariel dress!" It's amazing how her heart turned from Elsa to Ariel just because she met Ariel in person in Tokyo DisneySea last December.

Left: All ready for a great show at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, the long-time venue for Disney On Ice since the first time I watched the show when I was a teenager!;
Right: A selfie of the girl and I
Our tickets!

Unlike Disney On Ice Treasure Trove, which we watched two years ago, this year's production is all about our favourite princesses, namely Ariel, Rapunzel, Belle, Anna and Elsa (technically Elsa is a queen not a princess unless you count the time before her coronation).

I decided to video all the action this time and picked some of my favourite photos and videos to give you a glimpse of what to expect. Don't worry, there are few spoilers (I hope) =)

The show has started!
Our hosts, Mickey and Minnie!


I was really impressed by Nicola Trippick's performance of Ariel! She even did the Spanish Web 10 metres above the ice when she transformed from a mermaid into a human (I only know this from her promotional video hehe)! My girl was so impressed that when I asked her later who she liked better, Ariel or Elsa, she answered without hesitation, "Ariel!!"

Lovable Flounder! So cute!
Ariel rescues Prince Eric

Ariel transforms from a mermaid to a human
(Amazing acrobatics!)
Ariel & Prince Eric dance to Kiss the Girl


Rapunzel was gleeful that she managed to knock out Flynn Rider
Maximus loves Rapunzel
(The horse is made up of two ice skaters! Cool right?)
The beautiful finale where Rapunzel and Eugene dance to I See the Light
(look out for the floating lights!)


I love all the Disney Princesses but my absolute favourite is without a doubt, Belle (we even stayed at Beauty and the Beast room when we were at Tokyo Disneyland! *laughs*).

The love story between Belle and the Beast is the most realistic and none of that love at first sight bullshit like Ariel and Cinderella (*laughs*). Belle is not only beautiful but also intelligent and down to earth. It's a pity that my girl doesn't like her as much as I do *sigh*

Belle, Gaston and the townsfolk dancing to Belle
Managed to capture a picture of Belle waving to us! Yay!!! =)
Belle and the Enchanted Objects
The Beast gives Belle a library and they read a book together
(Aww, so sweet!)
Beast reverts back to a human and dances with Belle to Tale As Old As Time

Such a romantic moment! =)


This was the segment that the whole crowd was waiting for! Everyone screamed when Anna skated onto the scene. And the best part was, there was real snow! Some of the kids were so distracted by the snow that I think they didn't care about the rest of the show *laughs*

If you watch carefully, two skaters actually played Anna! One of the random things I noticed about the characters, including how handsome the guy playing Kristoff is *laughs*

Sven and Kristoff
Olaf dances to In Summer
Kristoff waving at us! Woohoo!
Elsa skating to Let It Go
(The only song that I can hear the audience sing very audibly)
Anna stopping Hans from killing Elsa and gets frozen in the process

Overall, although the highlight was Elsa and Anna (I cannot begin to tell you how many girls were dressed as Elsa!), I thought the rest of the performances (especially Ariel) were equally spectacular! I think I was cheering at almost every scene! Definitely the best Disney On Ice that we have watched so far!

Finale where all the cast members wave to the audience before the final curtain call

There's still time for you to book your tickets if you haven't already!

  • Who? Anyone who is a big Disney fan!
  • When? 11- 20 March 2016 (various timings)
  • Where? Singapore Indoor Stadium
  • How much? S$25 - S$200 (kids under 2 years old who don't occupy a seat is free!)
Tickets are on sale now at Singapore Sports Hub Online, Singapore Indoor Stadium Box Office and all SingPost outlets (while stocks last)! =)

Disclosure: Complimentary tickets were received from Disney On Ice & Feld Entertainment for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.
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