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How I Met Your Father

I wrote about our story briefly 4 years ago but I thought this time, I will share with you the longer version, which incidentally was illustrated in our Wedding Guestbook. Yup, I had wanted my guests to read our love story while they wrote down their well-wishes for us =)

And so kids, without further ado, here is the story of How I Met Your Daddy..

Our Guestbook
ChocoLiquor was the theme of our wedding because I love chocolates and your daddy loves alcohol

Daddy and I first met at the steps of Singapore Indoor Stadium where we were attending Sun's concert with our separate cell group members.

The first time I was introduced to your daddy

Not long after, our cell groups merged and we became cell group members.

Daddy became mummy's cell group member

Your Yi Yi (my sister) was also in the same cell group and she started noticing things.


You see your father is the kind that, the more he likes you, the more he will laugh and tease you. Much like what he does to you kids (especially you Girlee) and his close friends. Super irritating! Your Yi Yi noticed that he kept teasing me and when I'm super irritated, he has a look of glee on his face which irritates me even more! *grrr*

And I remembered clearly that it was in the MRT
I didn't believe her haha
So I pondered over what she said..
I'm not sure if this is what your daddy did but that's how it was in my head haha
We started sms-ing each other on our Nokia phones (no Whatsapp then!)
And spent a lot of time talking on the phone..
.. Till really late at night.
So late that your Po Po (mummy's mummy) scolded your mummy!

We started meeting up regularly, having dinners and buying presents for friends. This went on for a few weeks until one day, daddy and I were at the old Borders (now Marks and Spencer) at Wheelock Place.

We started reading a book together
(can't remember which book)
And we got really close
And daddy conveniently put his hand on mummy's shoulder
Daddy and mummy at the same spot at Borders Wheelock Place, a few weeks after we got together.

And that was it. There was no "will you be my girlfriend?" or "shall we get together". Your daddy only conveniently held my hand and declared indirectly that all his girlfriends stayed so far (-_-").

Daddy stayed at Sembawang while mummy stayed at Tiong Bahru
Those were the days when we were so poor that we were both still taking public transport
(I still do until recently)

We spent most of our dating days in Orchard or along the Singapore River because they were near your mummy's house in Tiong Bahru (daddy had to send mummy back home every time. Baby Boy, you must learn to be gentlemanly like your daddy!).

Our favourite spot at Spaggeddies in Tanglin Mall, also no longer there any more. We were so poor that this was considered a luxury that we can only eat once or twice a year!
(you kids are so lucky, we bring you to restaurants at least once a week!)
We loved the Singapore River
Mastered taking selfies without a front facing camera as it was not in existence then
(Surprisingly, all these photos were taken by your daddy. Not bad right haha)

On 7 July 2007, your daddy surprised me by proposing to me on the darkest beach of East Coast Park.

Made using light sticks
(the heart was made by breaking the light sticks and pouring the liquid out into tealight containers)
"Will you.."
(The beach was too dark to take any pictures of this so I could only recreate it with cartoon hehe)
Your daddy forgot to hold the flowers that he placed on the sand next to the light sticks
Had to gostan (reverse) and get his flowers
Before asking me the question again. I was in utter shock and couldn't believe what was happening.
Of course I said yes!
Daddy putting the engagement ring on mummy's finger

We then made plans to get married on 2 May 2009.

Well-wishes from our guests in our guestbook
Our bridal photo shoot was done in Johor Bahru because it was so much cheaper!
Young and skinny! *laughs*
Fulling my secret desire of being 還珠格格 (huan ju ge ge)
Even though this photo was heavily photoshopped, it is not fake!
We actually waded into Kota Tinggi Waterfall for this photo!

Many thanks to my lovely bridesmaids/BFFs for helping me to come up with such a unique and meaningful guestbook!


I had previously written about our actual wedding day so I won't go into more details about it. It was quite a tiring day but I was happy and partly because I was the skinniest (and maybe prettiest? No I reject that! I'm still pretty!!! *laughs*) that I ever was (I'm shallow like that *laughs*).

Our wedding wasn't the grandest but it was meaningful and memorable. The presence of God was so strong in the main sanctuary of Grace Assembly of God that it became the turning point for my sister who decided there and then that she would return to Jesus. I was so happy because that was exactly what I prayed and asked the Lord for. I told God that if He didn't grace our wedding with His presence, everything we have done would have been futile and meaningless. Thank God that He did, and till this day, I still have people telling me that they were very blessed =)


Finally, to the love of my life (although now you have to share the title with my two other loves) who makes it his goal to ensure that all my dreams will come true..

Yes, it has been 7 years! Wow, how fast time flies!

Here's to many more years of making our dreams into reality by the grace of God! I love you! =)


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