Monday 25 July 2016

MiaMily HIPSTER Baby Carrier

It has been a long time since I had reviewed a carrier. However, I couldn't resist trying out the MiaMily Hipster, which has been tested and approved by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute and Baby Carrier Industry Alliance as a hip healthy product. I've often gotten feedback that Hip Carriers are not good for baby's hips so this intrigued me to give it a try.

MiaMily Hipster
(Retail price: S$199)
Swiss brand MiaMily's 2-in-1 Baby Hip Carrier

I was given the ruby red, which was really striking and great for carrying both boys and girls.

The MiaMily Hipster, laid out horizontally
The hip seat, which can be attached to the double shoulder strap
Small pocket on the waist belt for putting tiny stuff
Inner portion of the waist belt is well cushioned for your comfort
Front pocket of the double shoulder strap
(it'll be better if the pocket has a zip on top though otherwise things such as cards or phones might drop out)
The pocket can be removed to give your child greater ventilation
(but that would mean no pocket for your things)
A simple white hood for projecting your child's head
These white strap pads aren't the prettiest but they get the job down by protecting your straps from a teething baby or giving you additional support on your shoulders should you need it.
Would be better if they were of a nicer colour or design though.
The MiaMily Hipster comes with a foldable bag to put your carrier when you don't need it and folds up when you do. I thought that this was something very useful that other hip seat carriers do not come with.

This is not my first time using a hip seat carrier so I'm quite familiar with all the different ways that you can carry your child with it. There are 9 different ways you can carry your child with a MiaMily Hipster but these are my favourites:

1) Front Face-to-Face

Carrying my boy at Koh Samui International Airport while waiting to clear immigration

2) Front-Facing

I know this position isn't the best for his hips but my super active boy loves it as he gets to see things other than my chin.
I try to limit carrying him in this position for short periods of time.

3) Back

Carrying him like a backpack.
Great on the shoulders for me but not so comfortable for him because my hair keeps flying into his face
(you can tell he's not really happy about it)

When using the MiaMily Hipster, I did notice that it does provide more support for my boy's legs as compared to my other hip seat carrier (which causes my boy's legs to droop more). However, I also acknowledged that the support is still less than other cloth carriers so do weigh the pros and cons when deciding between the different types of carriers. Do also note that hip seat carriers are not suitable for very young babies who are not able to sit up by themselves.

Well as you can see, all my favourite positions require the shoulder straps as I prefer to go hands-free. However, you may prefer to use it without the straps as some kids don't like to be strapped in.

With my boy getting more and more active and climbing out of our strollers even though we had strapped him in, it's useful to strap him tightly into a carrier so that he can't get away (this is especially useful if you're shopping in a store full of breakables and you don't want your hyperactive toddler to destroy anything). One of the reasons why I still put my boy in a carrier even though he's getting almost too big for it.

The other reason is that I really love having him so close to me! I really miss the days when he used to breastfeed and sleep in the carrier! Nowadays he's only in it when we need to restraint him. Ah well, at least I can still carry him in the MiaMily Hipster. I think that I will really cry when I can no longer carry my boy in a carrier any more. They really grow up too fast!! *sigh*

P.S: Follow My Baby Carrier Reviews as I personally put various baby carriers to the ultimate test! Do also keep yourself informed of Babywearing Safety tips when buying or using baby carriers =)


Disclosure: A complimentary baby carrier was received from MiaMily for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.
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