Wednesday 15 February 2017

My DIY Musical Boxes

If you know me, you'd know that I love musical boxes. I have a whole collection of them, which I have collected from all over the world!

Who can resist the tickling sound that always makes you feel like something special is going to happen? Not me =)

I was browsing through my favourite online store, Qoo10, one day and stumbled upon DIY musical box kits! Musical boxes that I can make myself? Hell yeah! =)

Obviously I bought the first one, loved it so much that I bought two more! I really enjoyed making them, even though I made a lot of mistakes along the way! I guess that's the fun of it. They're not perfect but they're all made by me =P

[1] Nordic Fairy Tale

The first one that I bought reminded me of Christmas and snow mountains, both of which I really love!

The things found in the box for you to put your musical box together

The instructions manual is in Chinese (see #2 below for an example) but there are lots of pictures to help you. You can also get creative and not follow the manual if you are feeling particularly adventurous =)

Glueing the main house together piece by piece;
This was relatively easy for me.

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Adding the light was slightly harder as I needed to ensure that the wires do not move. I was also afraid that I might get the positive and negative wrong.

But I didn't =)

Whoots and it lights up!

Next, it was the furniture, which were soooo tiny that I had to hold some of them with my fingernail!

The level of detail for something so tiny is incredible

Add the finishing touch and it's done!

[2] Carousel Happy Garden

I decided to up my skills by working with moving parts, which proved to be harder than I expected. Do not try this if you are a beginner.

The parts included in the set except the scissors and penknife
Example of how the instruction manual looks like

It was super hard to get the horses to stay on the wire. I made a mistake in not securing it well to the lid and it ended up dropping *sigh*

Be sure to secure the top wire properly or else it will keep dropping like mine did

The surrounding pieces were much easier to work with in comparison.

The pizza place
How the funfair looks from the front view
It's not easy to get this lamp to stay upright!
View from the back
The final after everything was finished =)

I love this because I love carousels and ferris wheels and once again this one reminds me of Christmas at a theme park. So lovely =)

[3] Cinderella Castle & Carriage

I chose this last one because I love Cinderella. The main castle was by far the easiest to do although it was a challenge getting the carriage to orbit around the castle.

The castle up close

The lights can change from green to blue! Very cool!

It lights up!

I tried really hard but in the end the carriage could only move a really short distance. Ah well... =(

It's still really pretty though! =)

There's an acrylic transparent box cover for both #2 and #3, which, for some reason, I didn't take photos of. It'll help to protect your final creation from dust =)

Overall, if you're new to this, don't do those with moving parts as they're a lot harder. Try it! I'm sure you'll have fun like I did =)


This post is part of my Mad-Made Art series that documents our artistic creations!

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