Friday 17 February 2017

Labels and Stuff from Bright Star Kids

You know how I love putting names on my stuff so I really like the customised name labels that we got from Bright Star Kids. They also came just in time to label my girl's school stuff for her first year at Primary School.

The set of labels and height charts that we choose

There were many labels to choose from so I'll share those that we liked and therefore ordered. There are other combinations of course so do browse and choose the ones you like.

[1] Pre-School & Daycare Labels Kit (170 Labels)

Although the name says "Pre-School", I found that the labels included in this kit was suitable for my girl's primary school needs. The 170 labels consisted of Large, Small, Tiny, Feet Shoe and Iron-On Clothing Labels.

The process was pretty simple. Just type in your child's name, choose the colour and font and a sample of the label will be displayed on the right.

Choosing a colour from the list of colours
I later changed the colour to baby pink because I thought it suited my girl better
It's added to the cart!

The actual product (Baby Pink) is a lot pinker than what I chose on the website.

The actual label kit consisting of Large, Small, Tiny and Feet Shoe labels

Large, Small and Tiny Labels

Labelling my girl's primary one textbooks
The tiny labels were perfect for her stationery
I also used the tiny labels to label her shoes as the insole was too bumpy for the shoe labels

Feet Shoe Labels

The shoe labels come with a transparent seal that provides an additional protection for the labels
We bought my girl's school shoes from her school's bookshop, which meant almost everyone in her school had the same pair. To differentiate hers from the rest, we stuck the Shoe Labels on her insoles.

Iron-On Clothing Labels

You can also choose the font and colour of the Iron-On labels. My girl chose purple =)
It takes a bit of practice trying to iron something so small but was still manageable for me. I ironed a label for all of her uniforms.

[2] Essential Label Kit (90 Labels)

This kit differs from the previous one in that it does not have the Shoe and Iron-On labels (my boy did not require them). We chose Baby Blue for my boy because this mama loves stereotypical colours for my kids (whatever, I'm the mother ^_^).

Typing the name and seeing how it looks on the labels
I like the Baby Blue of my boy's labels
Labelled his new bag and water bottle

Oh yeah, I didn't just get labels for my kids; I got a kit for me too! I've been labelling all my stuff since Secondary school and I still do it because let's face it, my stationery will not find its way back to me if it's not labelled (people won't know it's mine you see). Besides, I love to see my name on my things! *grin*

My labels in Dark Pink

I was hoping for it to be more fuschia (my favourite shade of pink) but it was darker than fuschia. I still love it though =)

Labelling my work laptop so that I can distinguish it from the rest of my colleagues who have the exact same laptop =)
The hubby and I have the exact same electric toothbrush and we always get them mixed up. My label ensures that we always know which one is MINE!!! *laughs*
The Tiny Labels are perfect for stationery like pens

Love my kit! Why should my kids get all the good stuff and not me? =)

[3] Personalised Height Charts

Although their main business is labels, Bright Star Kids also sells other personalised products such as bags, water bottles, wall stickers, etc. They also have personalised height charts, which I thought was perfect to track my kids' growth without drawing it on the wall like we used to do at our old house.

My kids' personalised height charts

Initially I thought it was sticky at the back like wallpaper but it wasn't. I had to use 3M tape to affix it to the wall. I thought it could have been better if it was a wall sticker.

Left: Putting up the height charts in my kids' room;
Right: I got the vehicles design for my car crazy boy and a fairy one for my girl.
Marked their heights from a previously used height chart

The height charts can measure up to 172cm, which meant that you can track their growth till adulthood (at least I think I can for my girl.. my boy will likely be taller..). They are a really cute addition to my kids' room.

Do note though that it used to be that you only need to spend S$150 to qualify for free shipping but now you have to spend S$250. Hence, try to spree with a few others if possible to save on shipping.

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the quality of the labels and height charts, although I feel there could be more variety in the label design. If you like personalised stuff, why not consider Bright Star Kids' extensive collection? I'm sure you'll find something that you like =)

Disclosure: A gift card was received from Bright Star Kids for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.
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