Tuesday 7 March 2017

My Little Giant at Big Box

Chinese New Year this year was a long weekend so we brought the kids to Big Box to expend their boundless energy at My Little Giant. It's an indoor playground and arcade rolled into one!

My Little Giant at Big Box

Playpark Entry to the indoor playground and Play Value for the arcade rides/games are charged separately, although there are packages that allow you to buy them together.

The counter at My Little Giant

They were having a promotion of free $8 Play Value with every purchase of a Playpark Entry! The Playpark Entry costs $25 for child 3-16 years old and $15 for child below 3 years old (1 accompanying adult enters for free per child, additional adult is $4).

Your Playpark Entry and Play Value are stored in a Play Card, which also stores your credits that you've obtained at the arcade games. As with all arcades, you can exchange your credits for prizes.

The kids can't wait to play at the playground so we headed there first. Socks is a must for both adults and children so don't forget to bring yours.

Bouncy Castle greets you as you enter the indoor playground
The base of the play structure has many rocking houses and ridable toy cars

No play structure is complete without a huge ball pit!

The kids can't wait to climb to the middle level of the play structure
(look at my boy's super excited expression!)

Spacious enough to fit a lot of kids
Ball shooting area
(where exactly is the target though?)

The thing that impressed me about this play structure is the sheer number of slides! There are altogether SIX different slides within this play structure; the kids slide down the slides to get from one level to the other instead of climbing.

Four slides to get you from the upper level to the middle level
There's a tunnel slide too if the four slides are not your thing
(take note that if adults go in the slide might crack so don't do it!)
Super duper long orange slide from the upper level to the ground.
Both my kids and I loved it!
The transparent parts of the slide also help to assure kids who are afraid of dark tunnels.

But the most popular was the biggest and steepest slide!

There are warning signs at the top of the slide

Do note that adults and kids younger than 3 should NOT be attempting this and if you do, you do so at your own risk. I've personally witnessed adults complaining of backache, neckache, bum pain and abrasion after sliding down the slide. I also witnessed a few of the younger ones do a somersault as they slide down and hit their head at the end of the slide simply because they were too small and light.

Having said that, let my boy, the adrenalin-but-super-low-risk-junkie, show you how it's done:

Pretty clever right? I hardly ever need to watch over him at playgrounds ever since he turned two because he just knows what to do.

In contrast, his ultra-anxious sister required a lot more coaxing from me before she attempted the slide! *sigh*

The kids enjoyed this playground so much that they played for about 3 hours straight.

By the way, this structure is not just for show. It houses a ladder for the kids to climb up and down between the levels =)

Finally, the hubby and I couldn't ignore our grumbling stomachs any more and we dragged the kids to the food court for lunch.

The nice thing about My Little Giant is that they allowed you to enter and exit the playground freely as often as you like as long as you're wearing your wristbands. You are not forced to eat over-priced and sometimes not very appetizing food at the in-house cafe of most indoor playgrounds. You can eat whatever you like and come back when you're done. This is great for parents like us who aren't able to sit the whole day in the playground without wanting to eat or shop nearby.

A summary of our day:
  • Arrived at 11am, kids played for 3 hours
  • Had lunch at the food court
  • Went back to play for 2 hours
  • Went shopping and had dinner at JEM
  • Went back to play for around 2 hours

The kids played for 7 hours in total, super worth it for the price we paid! =)

You can even pop by the departmental store next door while keeping an eye on your kids if you just need to get some shopping out of your system.

We used our Play Value mostly on kiddy rides and games at the arcade. There was a carousel and train ride but we didn't get to sit them because no one was manning the rides when we wanted to ride.

Typical arcade games
Aeroplanes go round and round
(more worth it if all four planes were filled)
This water shooting game is very value for money! The game went on for about 10 minutes while the kids shot at the creatures.
The train is finally operational but sadly, we ran out of Play Value

We left Big Box at 8.30pm, a big accomplishment for my family considering that the hubby tended to get bored easily and want to leave. The kids were so exhausted, they were asleep rather early and we could enjoy the rest of our night in peace =D


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