Thursday 9 March 2017

Animal Corner at Farmart Centre

Ever since we moved to House of KMJ in the West, we've always wanted to visit the farms at Lim Chu Kang before they are no more (so sad!).

Most of the farms were closed during the Chinese New Year long weekend so we visited one of the few that were opened on Day 4 of the lunar new year: Farmart Centre.

Welcome to Farmart Centre
(Address: 67 Sungei Tengah Road, 699008)

It's really near to our current home, only 15 minutes away! You can do a number of things there including prawning but we were there to visit the Animal Corner.

Animal Corner
Operation hours placed at the entrance
My girl was excited to see the animals but does not  want to be anywhere near them
The only thing I think about when I see bull frogs is "YUM!" Sorry, I'm a true blue carnivore.
Turtles or terrapins? I can't tell the difference!

Admission to Animal Corner is free but you should buy a basket of animal feed to support the farm.

We bought a basket of assorted animal feed for $5

We started with feeding the catfish in the pond.

Probably the only animal that the girl was not afraid of (-_-"). The kids loved throwing the fish food into the pond =)
Those were some super hungry catfish!

Next were the adorable rabbits.

Information about the rabbits on the board, including a warning not to abandon your pets (please be a responsible pet owner!)
My boy was more than happy to feed the rabbits while my girl required a lot more coaxing
Feeding vegetables instead of solely carrots because carrots are not very good for rabbits

We also fed the parrots and by we, I meant the hubby and mum-in-law. The kids were too scared to put their little fingers near to the parrots' sharp beak.

Feeding the adorable parrots
This one can dance and sing for a treat! Super duper cute!

The highlight was feeding the very hungry and extremely ADHD enthusiastic goats!

Hubby feeding one of the goats
They'll do anything to reach their heads to the vegetable that you hold in your hand!

My boy loves feeding the goats!

My girl was more apprehensive, standing way too far away...

If you stay in the West, forget about visiting the Animal Resort in Seletar when there are plenty of farms in the West! We'll be visiting as many as we can this year so watch this space! =)


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