Friday 24 May 2019

Admiralty Park & Northpoint City Playgrounds

Since its opening, I've been wanting to bring the kids to Admiralty Park Playground to check it out. Now that I still have maternity leave, the hubby and I decided to bring them on a weekday when it's less crowded.

The kids were in love with the playground! It was so big that even the older girl enjoyed herself very much!

Left: These metal slides were the tallest in the playground. It took both kids a lot of deliberation and courage before finally deciding to give it a try (and loving it ever since);
Right: A smaller slide in contrast. 
Climbing up the nets between the slides.
Very smart use of otherwise wasted space. 
Lots of climbing structures to challenge older kids
Slides hidden in the floor keep things interesting
Peekaboo slides to prevent claustrophobia and for parents to keep a better eye on the kids
More climbing structures and slides
This rock wall looks easy but is actually quite challenging for my 5.5 year old boy. Towards the end he needed my help to pull him up otherwise he might have fallen. The girl had no difficulties at all though. 
I call this structure the DNA helix cos it looks similar

Due to the height of most of the structures, this playground is more suitable for the older children ages 5 to 12 years old (although the teenagers and Polytechnic students also play here). Younger kids might find the stuctures too challenging for them.

The kids loved this mini flying fox the most! Adults around the size of the hubby or I can even ride on it (check the weight limit before attempting)

The playground also had slides with rollers so that you can roll down if you wanted to.

Roller slides

It got too hot for us (adults) and the baby after an hour so we headed to Yishun, where the hubby and his family used to live.

It was a long time since we had visited Northpoint, which is now called Northpoint City because it has become so big!

We found the boy's latest craze, good ole Pacman, at Timezone! The boy was so excited and he and the daddy earned a lot of tickets from just one game!

I knew that there was a water playground at the roof based on the last time that I had brought my eldest girl here but man, it has gotten a major upgrade! There are slides now!

Good size water playground!

Left: Baby girl can't have fun yet but I'll definitely bring her back when she is older;
Right: Big bucket that floods the playground periodically with water!
They are treating this like a pool 😒

The only thing we didn't like about the playground was the shower facility as it was not divided into males and females. My girl couldn't bathe with privacy so we just let her wash with her swim suit still on and got her to change in the toilet.

We had dinner at the very famous 925 Chicken Rice stall nearby, which was and still is one of the hubby's favourite chicken rice stalls in Singapore.

It's really not often that the kids get to hang out with us on a weekday! They had a blast! ❤️


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